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Trauma is a psychological/psychic wound. It is often caused through another person that has experienced trauma themselves. An experience that creates a sense of vulnerability and insecurity.

Traumas occur when people interpret the experience through a negative mindset that was already present. To be clear, my mom was abusive, but her abuse to work she had to mentally prepare me to feel insecure and inferior. Because, we are all built with our own guiding system. This is not inherently given, it is the essence of who we are.

In order to receive trauma there needs to be a training program that makes the person to believe something has the ability to be greater than myself. And so, once the program is installed then it is easy to hurt and cause pain to another. The stage where the mind is has been set.

Please note that we are constantly being programmed like a computer. This mind control is often called trauma based mind control. I realized that what was being done on a very intense scale to all of us.

We are traumatized, and were traumatized for a reason. To program us a lie. It's very important we catch on to this.

  1. First, a trauma is applied.

  2. Second, a lie is offered which when accepted, alleviates or improves the pain of the trauma.

  3. And third, systems of lies are built to trap us within the confines of the lies we believe in.

I share this because anything or any story that shares something bad, from war, recession, economic crisis, and another new disease is all to evoke trauma. Trauma leads to an inferiority complex that moves us all towards addictions, depression, anxiety, and habits that never change anything but perpetuates it further.

You and I were and will always be total well-being!! You and I were born in variations of traumatic families not because that is what we are, but as the evoking of desiring better!! You were the answered prayer of all your family line and friends from centuries ago.

Instead of talking about over and over the divorce, the pain and embarrassments of the past; take a stand for WELL-BEING! You are only wellbeing and nothing less!

Please check the teachings on this subject and start right now to repeat the story of what is wonderful in your life, no matter how small you think it is. You will find that in sharing good, good increases and trauma is not longer your go to!

With love,


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