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Updated: Apr 22

The word future and its definition is key here. Future means a prospective or expected condition, especially one considered with regard to growth, advancement, or development. The origin of the word is TO BE. It is very important that you are clear on the word future. Future is what you are declaring to be, FUTURE IS WHAT YOU EXPECT IT TO BE. It has nothing to do with time, and it has ALL TO DO WITH EXPECTATION!

One of the biggest traps that many have is that they think that when their conditions are no longer satisfying to the point that they are completely miserable is when they allow themselves to want something more desirable. So they use their negative experience as the reason to want more, to justify desire.

I want to offer clarity on this for this is so important. You are energy, which is why you have emotions, because emotions are energy in motion. Energy sustains it all. It is your energy in motion, your emotions that are sustaining you and your experiences. The money, the relationship, the car, the house, the children, everything is energy.

Remember the definition of energy: Energy sustains and is the vitality and strength of all mental and physical. Therefore, YOU LACK NOTHING!!! The moment you are the emotion of peace, your experience through your desires will be the same.

Let me put it this way: Peace is the energy that is sustaining your prosperity. You are the emotion of peace, which makes you the source of your prosperity. If the experience of prosperity is missing, it just means you are separating yourself from who you really are through your feeling, response and reaction that is opposite of peace. When all these things are opposite of peace, you DO NOT HAVE A FUTURE because YOU DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING.

There are so many that are sustaining themselves with different types of emotions/energy in motion, which is why it is important that you connect with your core, your essence, because when you do not do this, you will charge yourself up through other people. When you do this, you are at the mercy and life support of another. Next thing you know, anything they say or do will affect you.

Now you are feeling, reacting and responding in limitation because you really are limited, since you are emotionally charging yourself on someone else’s energy. Herein lies a huge problem. You even cut yourself off from receiving your own thoughts because you are relying on someone else’s energy and their thoughts as well.

To explain this even further, whichever emotion you sustain yourself with, is the thoughts that will show up to support it. When you are charging yourself up from another person’s emotion/energy in motion, you are also channelling their thoughts as well, you become reliant on them for all and this, as you know, is enslavement. We not only do this with people, we do this with work, money and material things as well.


Conclusion: Your expectation cannot be met when you rely on another’s emotions and thoughts. When you are one with who you are, which is your emotion/energy in motion, any desire you want to experience, you are able to expect with certainty.

Intend: Decide now to create your future and expect it. Declare what you are TO BE and that is focusing your emotion/energy in motion to move into the experience you have decided to have.

Deciding is to determine what you are TO BE, what to have an experience with. The following will assist you in making this decision.


  1. Determine the emotion/energy in motion of peace. Determine means having a strong feeling that you are going to do something and that you will not allow anyone or anything to stop you.

  2. Create five categories that express peace. For example: “I enjoy money and it is in abundance in my bank account. I love my relationships and they are all fulfilling.” As you can see, there is no argument in any of these statements.

  3. Use thoughts as mentioned in the previous blog post to build your path to the future, to what you are expecting to experience. The following path of thoughts leading to prosperity will help you understand how this works. The first three are emotionally closer to the expected experience. The bottom ones are usually the ones we start off with to become clear about the experience we desire and come closer to feel, respond and react to the emotion of peace towards the experience we desire.




I desire money in Abundance


I expect Financial Increase

(Emotion of peace)

I am focused on my emotion of peace and I feel, react and respond to peace towards the experience of possessing money.

(moving closer to the Emotion of peace)

You could do this with this idea or with this other idea.

(Emotion of happiness)

You can contact this one or that one.

(Emotion of excitement)

You have had money before, so this is possible for you.

(Emotion of encouragement)

If there is debt, then there is prosperity.

I know what it feels like to have money, I can feel that once more.

(Emotion of hope)


As you can see, the thoughts pave the way to your prosperous future. When you first begin, the thoughts are not as clear and powerful, meaning that when you feel them, their emotion/energy in motion could possibly just be the emotion of hope. Therefore, you receive hopeful ideas.

As you continually feel, react and respond to the main emotion/energy in motion of peace, eventually you will find your supporters, your thoughts, to begin showing up with containing more powerful energy and this is when you know the journey is clearer and you have conditioned yourself, prepared yourself and become the emotion/energy in motion that is equal to your desire.

It is important that you declare your future, which is stating what you expect to experience with the emotion of peace through your physical self. You are stating your future and, you are declaring your expectation by being clear on the emotion of peace and what that feels like first. From that point on, all thoughts will support this future. The more you exist in that future mentally and feel it emotionally, the more you exist in the expectation of your desire. You are then sustaining energy which will show up in the physical experience of your desire.


In this part of the how-to, you will choose one of the following:


1.     Write in a journal, either paper or electronic, voice record or video blog (this is the one I suggest the most, you need to see and hear yourself so that you can get a feedback on how you really are responding to your future and adjust it daily or weekly with doing more videos).


2.     Express through a love letter in any form a beautiful expression towards your future for each category. For example, on money: “Dear money, I so appreciate you because it is a form of exchange that I am able to use to express my happiness. I love to spend money; it is so much fun. I also love to see you in my bank account.” What this does is it allows you to practice peace in all that you say about money and any area so that you do not entertain anything that is against your future. Do this as often as you like (I suggest daily) to feed your mental state to BE fit for your future.


You are not starting over.


You are becoming better and better at expressing the emotion/energy in motion that you already are through your experiences

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