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Love: Liberty, to Liberate

Physical: Nature, Qualities of the Universe. The meaning "pertaining to matter, of or pertaining to what is perceived by the senses" is from 1590s. 

Non-Physical: Not dealing with the senses. It is mental states and not restricted by anything that is physical.

Be: To exist in the emotional state of being. Rooted in the term, I AM.

Do: Embodiment through the human imagination. Visualization/Imagination.

Have: The feeling of it, the essence of it.

Rich: Power, your ability to choose.

Wealth: Total health, whole. Acceptance.

Prosperity: Total well-being.

Remember: To recall, to bring to the mind what was already predetermined.

Experience: What we practice, tried, repeated ideas all become the proof, evident in our life.

Alignment: Arrange ideas, thoughts, towards one focus in our mind.

Free: Is not about costs or price, it is about no hidden agenda. Free is no bondage.

Source: Stream endless, head of, stream of wellbeing. 

Energy: Strength and vitality of all things. Life and existence.

Eternal: Permanent, forever remaining.

Consciousness: Knowing aware of being aware, it is mental internal awareness.

Truth: Good, correct, it is right because it is good.

Well-being: In good fortune, happy, satisfied.

Vibration: Vibe or vibration is your emotional feedback, your atmosphere based on your patterns of thoughts and feelings.

Resistance: To challenge, to seek opposition with an argument to go against what you desire. 

Translate: Your understanding of your experiences or observations.

Connection: To join, bind, or fasten together. When you are connected to Source Energy, you feel replenished.

Inheritance: Results are good, successful, you are the right of success and wellbeing.

Thought: Activity of mind, mental activity, also known as spirit.

Think: Thankfulness, mindfulness.


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