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To maintain the flow in your creations, you must make this your lifestyle. When this is your lifestyle, you will find it so easy to continually create what you desire and whenever there is something you do not like, you have the foundation to shift it. To summarize, follow this daily.

Dr. R. S. Clymer (Age of Treason, p.9) and Johan G. Fichte (1762-1814) both expressed as well as many others that modern society, although seemingly free was in fact producing the most brainwashed, hypnotized and mentally unfree people than any other period in the history of mankind. He argued that children were trained not to think, but merely to re-enact trained patterns in their minds and daily lives that had been indoctrinated throughout their years of school which were completely in alignment the agenda of the school’s director and the desired resulting types of individuals emerging from such institutions with a slave mentality.

As in those scientific, medical and political discussions, many writers of the time used fiction to denounce the ills of their current societal structures. One of the most famous of those is Charles Dickens whose many novels gravitate around a centralized issue of maladministration of institutions and the abuse of humanity in their care, the total absence of compassion in a system made by humans that had been completely devoid of all humanity.

Times have not really changed. We seem to be freer, more liberated, and yet, we slave away on the daily grindstone, trying to make ends meet, worrying about an array of things in our daily lives and being spoon-fed facts in the media that have been deliberately designed to keep us entertained, diverted from the fact that we are nothing but ants in a system that has no compunction whatsoever to trample those same ants underfoot at a mere whim with its giant boot.  Not wanting to paint things black, but the truth is that we live in a time of an epidemic of emotionally immature people who are not only afraid to take responsibility for their lives, but have not been given the tools to do so in the first place. Ultra-spiritual phrases seemingly provide an escape from the harshness of reality of being a human on Planet Earth.

But the truth is, have those empty phrases that are being pushed by multi-million dollar industries changed your life in any way? Have you really understood how to “live in abundance”? Has any of those books and videos made any sense to you on such a deeply profound level that apart from giving you a temporary high, your life has (permanently!) changed for the better?

To change your reality in any way, there is no magic wand the fairy godmother or any of the so-called prophets of the modern New Age movement can swing over your head and magically transform everything on the outside for you, whilst you stay the very same inside. That is not how it works and if you wish to induce lasting change in your life, you need to re-train your mind, your thought and behavioural patterns that are ingratiated in you since nearly the beginning of your life. This is a process which needs time and cannot happen overnight.  A complete re-wiring and restructuring of all mental thought processes, not to mention learning truth that will change your entire worldview, requires time. Therefore, any serious training and mentorship program requires a period of at least nine months to be sustainably effective.

Marilyn Holzmann, who has developed this training and teaching method has researched for decades in the quest to find answers not only in the spiritual realm, but she was driven since early childhood to create a holistic understanding of the material and immaterial world without compartmentalizing and separating one from the other. She has not only read all from ancient religious texts to modern New Age authors, but has also studied (and continues to do so) psychology, philosophy and natural sciences to bring about this aim.

Moreover, Marilyn has successfully integrated her findings and the results of this research into possibly the most effective training program the world has ever seen. The reason being is that she has brought together all different areas and find the explanations and reasons for why things work the way they do. This scientific de-mystification enables the student to analytically and intellectually grasp the concepts and comprehend their logical structure, which, in turn, makes it easier to embrace those truths and integrate them on a deeper level to bring about a change in thinking and perception. There is no need to believe when you can know.

Modern spirituality has oftentimes been used (and abused) as another quasi-religion with new terminology and a more popular label than traditional religious institutions and dogmas, but the belief that these new dogmas are any more liberating has yet to be proven. Even the leaders of such systems have been sued, in debt, and had a host of other negative experiences as a result of their own limited beliefs and lack of understanding.

In order to become an empowered creator and master of your own life, it is fundamental to put in the effort and dedicate yourself to serious study and regular exercising before any lasting results and not only small one-hit-wonders can be perceived in anyone’s life. Clarity Release Connection program is designed to do just that: bring permanent change through clear understanding, release old and harmful, counter-productive patterns and connect to your own inner wisdom and source as your highest authority, as opposed to an outside influence, such as a guru, a book, an institution, etc.

Unlike most other so-called spiritual leaders, Marilyn Holzmann has no wish to create followers who endlessly feel the need to be dependent on her and continuously buy the next gimmick and the next workshop, but never gaining real independence. Instead, her sole purpose is to create leaders, empowered individuals who are masters of their own lives, shaping their own destiny and living the lives that truly set them free to express their natural inclinations with ease and flow in the material world.

Once this clear and automated understanding and the acting out of which is gained in a person, there is no saying how grand this life is going to become because its owner has decided to embrace and live their own greatness! But this requires deep study, diligence, regular repetition and exercise and a willingness to change your entire worldview.

Because Clarity Release Connection is truly that: a School of Thought and TRANSFORMATION.


The Benefits & Efficiency of Mentoring


Mentoring is an interactive process which enables you over time to understand how conscious creation works, gives you the tools to effectively design your own life in a self-empowered, independent manner and leading to your happiness and fulfilment. Mentoring is a must for successfully learning how to effectively change your life and drastically improve its quality. Through personal interaction with Marilyn Holzmann, you are always able to receive feedback and have any questions answered you might have along the way.

When asked, people often are unclear about why they are turning to a life coach or mentor. They often say, “I just feel there is more to life than this,” or, “I just feel I am stuck in a rut.” They often don’t know what they want to change, and thus, mentoring or coaching enables them to focus holistically on their life and help them to identify their true desires and design their lives accordingly with ease and clarity.

Throughout their lives, most people have operated on the basis of certain limitations instilled in them by social conditionings, for example, family and society, as well as traumas from childhood or other intense events and occurrences throughout their lives. They define themselves through outward labels like man/woman, boss/employee, father/mother, son/daughter, colleague, friend, and so forth. These are “labels” which do not encompass all that they really are, but merely describe various functions they fulfil in their outer lives.

Although certain parameters are helpful and designed to give people the contexts and rules in which they (inter)act within these functions or labels in their daily lives, in certain circumstances, this can be very limiting, and in a few instances, depending on where these limitations or parameters are rooted, they can have a downright crippling effect.


Clarity Release Connection Training


So how is energy work incorporated into a daily routine, i.e. how is a spiritual practice combined with the fast and very materially orientated pace of a corporal environment, for example? As the training progresses, the student will realize that life needs to have a holistic approach. Compartmentalizing one’s life means to limit oneself in certain areas, whereas when both worlds are COMBINED in ONE continuous approach throughout everyday life, this enables a person to unleash potential which previously they had never thought possible.

The key concept of Marilyn Holzmann’s holistic teachings is that each person is a creator in their own right, not a victim at the mercy of outer circumstances or people. EACH INDIVIDUAL is an infinite, amazing and powerful being and it is possible to unleash this creative power consciously and direct it with aim and awareness to become a MASTER/CREATOR.


Focal Points of The Training – An Outline

In this training package you will gain insight into the reasons why some areas of your life have not fully expanded to their potential. During energy emotional imprint release sessions with Marilyn Holzmann you will move together through your timeline life, where blockages from their rooted locations are exposed and released. This is a very intense process, yet it is also concise and liberating because you will be empowered as you progress throughout the session.

After the first energy emotional imprint release session, you will begin your journey of connection. This means you will start to connect all the levels indicated below and these will be specifically tailored to your own unique, individual needs for each area of your life. You are taught to establish a profound connection to YOURSELF, like you have never experienced before, and all this takes place in an atmosphere of consistent support with continually updated multi-media materials and direct contact to your teacher and mentor, Marilyn Holzmann.

The material is concise and effective, and the tasks and exercises are highly efficient. This course is a fast track to embracing a greater, more self-empowered YOU. The personal access to Marilyn allows her to stay in touch with you at all times and to monitor your progress closely and effectively. Together, you will be able to address certain issues occurring at their roots as and when they occur in an effective, efficient and timely manner.

That which sets Marilyn Holzmann’s personal approach to teaching apart from most others is that she is at this time one of a very small number of teachers who provide a learning atmosphere of love, insight, personal support and complete clarity for each student. In her experience, both as mentor and student of various mentors throughout her life, this is by far the most effective method and also the most efficient. It gives you results much faster than if you were merely being given material and left to work on it solely on your own without any feedback from your mentor.

For Marilyn, it is very important to strive for excellence in her teaching; and in this spirit, she will support your development of embracing ever greater potential with tangible results in your own life.


The topics that are covered, which are all designed to cover every area from spirituality, relationships, money and so forth, are the following:

Sensing and Detecting Energy - Learning to tap into the non-physical aspect of you. Here you will learn the most effective way to meditate and to be intuitive to energies before they become thoughts. This is the start of creating a relationship with your inner being. Sensing Energy is a powerful, simple, effective and clear tool.

Dealing with Emotions - Learn what emotions are in a clear and powerful way. We all have been trained to think that being emotional is negative or that it means we are weak, but this is far from the truth. You will clearly understand emotions, their flow and the accurate definition of each. You also learn to release emotional immaturity and how to no longer sabotage yourself from attaining what you desire.

Creation Formula - Learn the three fastest steps to create with ease. You are being taught how and why we were born to create a life with ease and joy. This is effective and very clear. No matter what the situation is, doing this will allow you to understand who you are, how everything works and ultimately bring you results. These tools are used in all areas, such as money, relationships and your body.


Control Your Destiny - Learn how to be the director, the designer of your own destiny. These teachings offer you an understanding of your mind, your cells, your attitude and how to design a successful future.

The Heart-Mind Connection - Where is the heart? We often misguidedly assume that the heart is different to the mind and this is not at all accurate. We are whole, powerful and perfectly functioning beings. Here you will learn how to understand your heart and how it is one with the mind and not separate from it as is commonly believed.

Designing Your World - This is very powerful information because you are clearly shown who is God/Source/Universe, how we are made in that image, what this actually means in the context of your own life, and why relating to this power is really the key to how your life unfolds. This is a serious matter and all those who have studied these teachings have shown a distinct increase in their perception of life and the clarity about how we are all vibrational beings and the extension of all that is.

Holographic Universe - Whether you choose to believe it or not, whether you can comprehend it or not, there is one absolute scientific reality: You live and dwell within your imagination and your imagination alone! Electromagnetic waves, transmitted to your brain via all of your senses, are evaluated by your brain’s existing platform of data, creating the multi-dimensional holographic world in which you live. Learn how to recognize this, create your own data and learn what imagination really is.


Throughout this training course you will

  • Learn to tap into your inner being

  • Overcome depression and anxiety

  • Improve your relationships

  • Create the ideal lifestyle with ease

  • Promote happiness and wellbeing through the mind-body connection

  • Access a higher awareness – discover the gateway to freedom and bliss

  • Reach financial stability and flow

  • Experiencing joy and peace, and acknowledge who you are and what your purpose is

  • Re-design and create your life to new standards

  • Study the material which is easy and effective

  • Learn the power of logic, high intelligence and channelling potential

  • Develop drive to succeed from personal relationships to finances

  • Improve your intuition

  • Notice your power and effect as you increasingly embrace your own potential

  • Have a series of powerful sessions with Marilyn Holzmann through Skype

  • Work with material that is so clear and doable for you that it can be easily applied in all areas of your life on a consistent basis


Transformational Mentoring

This training entails a transformation of your entire life, from your self-esteem, finances, relationships, body, over your spirituality and logic, energy, creating, to emotional immaturity and past to future creating.

The entire training is personalized and tailored to your individual needs! It includes a session per month, mobile access to Marilyn Holzmann via WhatsApp, follow-ups and all material which are videos, pdfs and meditations. 

You can either subscribe or make a single payment. Please allow 24 hours for the payment process to be completed. Thereafter, Marilyn Holzmann will personally contact you to begin your journey together.

Note: No other mentoring or coaching offers such intense personal interaction, such an amount of high quality material and mobile access!!!

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