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Throughout my own personal journey and through encountering so many people from all walks of life, one subject that constantly shows up is CHANGE. There is either the fear of change, anger towards change or the expectation that change of any kind will evoke those around us to dismiss us, reject us or abandon us.

I am here to offer you the exposure of your power within the next blogs. No matter what situation you are in, from a bad relationship to embracing healing in your body or leaving a place that no longer pleases you, you are a powerful being and can create the departure to be extraordinarily easy, peaceful and a truly great experience.

In this website,I am offering a step-by-step how-to, with Clarity Release Connection.

The information here is for any situation you might be dealing with now or in the future. Change sounds the alarm when the time for you has come to take responsibility for your life’s experience. It is clear that change can be a scary, fearful thing because we have not embraced that we are the creators of our life and therefore, the change is more like a mystery, and you can feel that you have no control on what direction it is that you need to take.

Change has been given a very bad reputation. It is usually rebelled against. Anger surfaces at the thought to have to confront situations or maybe leave people whom we have entrusted with time, space and, in many occurrences, financial support. It is almost the expectation for chaos or disaster when we decide to make a change.

Allow me to give you the real definition of the word CHANGE. The origin of this word is from 1175-1225; (v.) Middle English cha (u) ngen < Anglo-French, Old French changer < Late Latin cambiāre, Latin cambīre to exchange. This is good news because the word change means to exchange.

When you view the word change as creating an exchange, it empowers you in many ways. You are exchanging pain for healing and wellbeing. You are exchanging sadness for joy. You are able to exchange difficulty for ease and so much more. You see, dear reader, change is only the ability to exchange anything you so desire.

I must address the greatest and most vital exchange of them all which is that exchange must be YOU.

You see, if within you, you have not made the exchange of feeling powerlessness for loving yourself, of thinking you are nothing for acknowledging your potential, of expecting things to go wrong for expecting the best from you, you will not be able to shift things around you to a more positive desirable outcome.

Here are the reasons why you will enjoy PATH TO BEING YOUR TRUE SELF your old self and exchange it for the real you.

  1. When you exchange your old self for the real you, you are taking on the journey of true happiness. Happiness is the expectation that the journey you are on is leading you to your destination. However, this expectation can only occur the moment we have exchanged what appears to be limiting us for what is the unlimited within us.

  2. It is important for you to decide to make the change because you are currently the image, the result, the manifestation of all that you have memorized in your mind about you and trained yourself through mimicking others or beliefs you have taken in and acted out in different areas. For you to be clear on your image, you need reflections, or, as an easier way to express it, you need mirrors to see yourself. These reflections, these mirrors are your environment, your relationships, and your experiences. If your experiences are negative, harsh, or disturbing to you, it is a clear reflection of what you are being in this moment.

  3. If you have memorized in your mind and trained your mind through repetition that you are not important, you will be inclined to act this out. You will carry out your day with that image of not being important to yourself. Here is the question to study: How do you know what image you are holding of yourself? The answer is: By how people treat you.

  4. You will find yourself being ignored and not being important to anyone. You will find that you are not significant and that your voice is not being heard. As a result, many, to fix all of these reactions, all these reflections of themselves, begin to fight with them, the situation and the experience. What I am offering you is to deal with yourself, your image of self, and watch how everyone and everything will line up to reflect that to you.

Please really get this! Your experiences are your avenue to know yourself, to know what you are allowing or not allowing in your life. If you are not allowing peace to flow and be expressed in your life, you will know this by the experiences that you are currently having. The longer you refuse to make an exchange, the more it will cost you to put up with an image that is not your truest self.
It will cost you your health, finances, and relationships because you must pay the price of sacrificing who you are to be who you are not. The best way to say this is that you will not be able to fully live what you are meant to live because your meaning, who you are, does not come from you but is dependent on others’ perception and their meaning.

In clearer terms, this is called being in debt, being non-authentic and being a user as well as a victim. Your experiences will continually be the same because you operate the same wherever you go, relying on others to support you. And when they don’t, you are the one who is left empty, with nothing to offer and no sense of value for yourself. This is why even if you change jobs, location or even relationships, you will encounter the same experiences, because they all reflect the idea that you have about yourself back to you.

Experiences allow you to know where you are, who you are and where you are headed. If you are not pleased with your experiences, the time has come to change, which means to exchange it all for potential, wellbeing, joy, and dance.

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