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To explain this fact, it is vital that we first understand what the word habit really means. Once again, I have researched the roots and origin of this word and found the following:


Middle English: from Old French abit, habit, from Latin habitus condition, appearance, from haberehave, consist of. The term originally meant ‘dress, attire’, later coming to denote physical or mental constitution. To simplify the definition and the word origin above, habit is how you show up based on what you stand for. What you stand for is what makes up who you are, and that is how you automatically act.


We have been moved to think that habit means to change our course of action and this is not possible because it means we are dealing with the effects, the results from our habits. A habit is an internal, an inward thing. Therefore, as much as you push for change in your actions, you are only touching the surface of what is the real commander of your habits.


The first thing one must do is to think about what you actually stand for. Let me use an example. To deal with weight loss, the common thing that is done is to go on a diet and follow a workout scheme. However, after some time, we tend to give up and revert to old habits. This is because we have not declared what we stand for that will motivate us to remain on track with our new regime. In this example, you require standing for being a healthy person. I stand for health! Now this deals with your inward mindset which is the actual commander of your actions.


The next area of habits is your appearance. How do you appear when it comes to standing up for what you believe to be? We have concluded that standing up for something will initiate a new mindset. Now comes the part of how you will present yourself as a healthy person. This is actually empowering and much easier than pushing yourself towards taking actions that are not inspired. When it comes to appearance, what I speak of is your mood. Yes, your attitude determines how much you believe in your cause, in what you stand for.


Your mood is the driving force that assists you in remaining in standing up for what you have predetermined. Now you are ahead of the game. First, you stand up for something and next, you determine how you will appear to everyone, especially yourself when it comes to the new realization of what you are striving for.



  1. What do you stand for? What thrills you when you think of it? What does that consist of?

  2. How can you appear more confident towards your new cause, your new outlook?

  3. What is your mood, your emotion, that you will present to others as you stand firm in what you believe in?


As you answer these questions above, standing up for something you believe in will drive you to perform in line with your new standard. Not only will you perform and take actions towards that, but your mood will also inspire others to stand up for what they believe in as well!


Plainly said, you cannot stand for health and be moved to do nothing. Youcannotbecause now you have a cause or a mission tofulfill. All your actions consist of and will remain in line with your standards. Each day show up/ intend to act according to your new standards.

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