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Updated: Apr 9

In the previous post I spoke about your relationship with yourself. You are now clear that all is sustained by energy in motion and in order for you to leave in peace (meaning letting go of your past mistakes), you have to first shift anything that no longer brings happiness or fulfillment through emotion/energy in motion.

When you shift the emotion/energy in motion, your mind will begin the process of cleaning things out, and when it does, you will be tempted to try to fix the outside. If you attempt to fix the outside issues first, you will ignite again the emotion/energy in motion that sustained them before - which was fear.

To clarify, I will share my personal story with you so that you are able to better understand this teaching: I was raised in a very controlling environment. I ended up in jobs where everyone would be micro managed. After some time, I realized that no matter how many places or relationships changed, the situation of being controlled always showed up. It was not the people, it was me. I memorized that I was not able to act for myself and therefore all around me reflected that. I also decided to go towards the root cause.

I know that many people would go into stating it was your parents, it was society, but as I applied my own tools, I realized that all that was a manifestation of the emotion/energy in motion that was within me which was fear. Fear was the engine in it all and I needed to shift that immediately.

I assigned the emotion of peace within me. I was tempted to fix the outside to match my new emotion but the only result was that it made things worse because I could not control it all. I could not control the people in my job or my relationships because they were all relating to me as I related to myself. Instead of changing them, I changed myself by first dealing with my emotion of fear. I began a relationship with peace and this is what turned it all around. Once I fully embraced peace, the greatest gift rose within me and that was forgiveness.

I understand that forgiveness seems to be connected with forgetting and this is far from the truth. The real deal is forgetting should not be considered because what we force ourselves to forget, we end up repeating over and over as a habit.

This forgiveness that I am about to explain here will so liberate you and will assist you to release the grudges that many of us hold on to for years. Forgiveness means GIVE yourself another PURPOSE to move FORWARD. It is that simple!

Just give yourself another purpose, rather than making your life’s long quest to give someone or something all the attention that they do not deserve. The more attention you give, and the more you make it your purpose to constantly want what occurred to be different, or an apology, or even to be paid in return, the more you are becoming a victim and supporting the abuse.

The moment I understood my anger and pain was when I viewed things through the perspective of peace. As I ended the war of constantly wanting things to have been different and put on the glasses of peace to see the event again, something shifted in me.

I saw my strengths, my dreams, and my potential to BE in so many different expressions. The pain and anger was not able to stand in the presence of my greatness and then I realized that being in alignment with peace, automatically made me my own purpose which was healing, the most powerful and amazing experience.

When I was able to see in this way, my natural inclination to creativity busted open. I was more present, more aware, kinder and expected things to work out, because I had a clear vision of me for once. I was no longer seeing the world through the “poor me” or “I was abandoned me” none of these things were my identity anymore. I was my own identity and I ended the war against me being ME. This is peace, this is PATH TO BEING YOUR TRUE SELF.

It is important that you take time each day to relate to what the emotion of peace feels like. You will find that the more you form a relationship with the emotion of peace, the more your focuser that is your mind will use that emotion to relate to everyone the same way. It will expect things to be in peace.

When I did this, things in my work environment changed immediately. The first thing I noticed was that my supervisor received a notice to leave to another department. The next thing I noticed was that I was no longer on the edge of my seat, I was calm in the office. I also noticed that my relationships changed. Some are no longer in my experience and others began to appreciate me.

This was so clear that the emotion/energy in motion which I decided to behold was showing up in different forms. I no longer had to battle with people or try to fix the outside in order to compensate for the fear and the lack of control I had with myself. Now I had total control, because I was relating to myself in peace and I made that relationship the most important - which it is.

Now here are the steps to how to relate to peace.

  1. It is important that you do this upon waking up because as soon as you wake up, you are setting up the intention for the day. Intention is the decision that you have made on how your experience will be.

  2. You will take deep breaths and call in peace. You can imagine something peaceful if that helps you, but the fastest way is imaging a white light because the light is not attached to anything that you will recognize as limiting or opposite of fear. The light represents you in your fullness, your spirit, your amazing inner being, the energy that you are.

  3. As you see this white light call in the emotion of peace again. Feel it, respond to it by embracing it and react to it by noticing its power, its flow and its easiness.

  4. When you are sustaining this, grab your list and send to each one the emotion of peace. Read the list out loud and feel peace to have, to be and to experience them all in easiness, in flow and quickly.

  5. Allow that you feel, react and respond to each in peace.

  6. Breathe in deep and exhale slowly. Now you are ready for your day.

  7. During the day, when anything or anyone triggers the opposite of peace, take a moment and immediately state in your mind the following while taking deep breaths. Say inwardly: “I am peace and assign this experience to be peaceful. I feel, respond and react to peace.”

  8. Whatever is currently going on is the past, and now you have assigned the emotion of peace. Give a few minutes and you will notice the situation changing. It is important that you, the focuser part of you, the mind, controls the actor, the physical part, the one engaging in the experience, by reacting and responding in peace. In many cases not saying a word is best, in other cases the action of just feeling peace within is enough. Remember, all - and I really mean all - is sustained by energy. The moment you assign a different energy, it will transform to that.


At the end of your day, take a few minutes to be approximately five minutes alone and into a journal, either electronic or paper, and appreciate. Please understand this. Appreciation is your acknowledgment of the things that did show up as evidence of your inner shift. This is your personal time to reward yourself. When you appreciate, it is the exact energy of creation. It is your BIG YES to allow more to show up, so take this time as you’re cashing in and assuring that this is what you value and this is what you want to show up more of.

Your thoughts are your supporters; they fill in the gap from one point to another. Your thoughts pave the way, so that you become one with the emotion of your desire.

Each thought allows you to feel, react and respond more in tune with your desire.

Play over those that please you, and just ignore those that do not, or better yet, tell them to come back with something better.

––Marilyn Holzmann

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