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Updated: Apr 11

My Supporters

Your supporters are your thoughts. As you continue to relate to the core and the essence of who you are, which is emotion/energy in motion, and in this case it is PEACE, you will find that thoughts support your choice. Often people wrestle with thoughts and then feel bad as the consequences of the thoughts show up and this battle can go on for a very long time. In this blog post I will bring some clarity on this issue with thoughts and how powerful they are in serving you.

The definition of the word thought is an idea, plan, opinion, picture, etc., that is formed in your mind. Your thoughts are the formation from the energy that is sustaining you. This is why when you are in fear, thoughts show up either to support your choice of living in fear or to give you the option to transform that fear into love.

This is why your entertainment of any type of thought really is your choice of what your preferred experience shall be. Your experience is based on the emotion/energy in motion you have running. In other words, your feeling, your reaction and your response comes as thoughts such as words or visions in order for you to make a choice in any given situation. Your mind is very powerful which is why I call it the focuser. When you are focused on peace, by your attention, by your feeling, by your reaction and by your response to it, you invite peace.

Your thoughts are your number one supporters and they will support you in anything you desire, even if it is painful. Your thoughts are the formations of the emotion you have running. The acceptance of peace is the most powerful energy, it is the energy and spirit of that which you really are.

The more you practice peace, the higher, more potential thoughts show up. In fact, the more you dwell and sustain yourself in peace the higher and more powerful you are able to channel peaceful ideas, plans and anything that supports your focus. This is the reason we are so moved in a beautiful way by spiritual teachers, because they are not responding to your limitation, they access the same spirit and emotion that you are and from that place channel or for better understanding receive higher, powerful thoughts.

Now to be very clear, another way to bring understanding on thoughts is that thoughts are your managers; they work for you. Pretend that you are the owner of a huge corporation. You have assigned the emotion/energy in motion of peace towards the success of your company. Your managers approach you with many ideas and plans to make this happen. You, as the owner of this corporation, decide by a matter of choice via your attention to what is the best. You know which one is the best because you have practiced feeling, responding and reacting to the emotion of peace, therefore, all ideas and plans that are a match are WINNERS!

The reason I bring up this example is for you to really understand how powerful you are and how you make a choice on which thoughts work for you and which don’t. Remember, there are many energies in motion, such as the ones within your family, at home, work and any place you attend. Everyone has different emotions/energies in motion within them that are sustaining them. Your mind will easily tell you which is which, not because they control you, but because you are able to choose which one benefits you.

What is the term that binds you to the experience the fastest? The term is, I AM. This term is the one that is the most powerful and yet, it is used so frequently by everyone without any acknowledgement of what is being stated. “I am” means that I exist in it and to BE.

This term is very important and here are the reasons: The moment you accept a thought by entertaining it for a while, this means you are considering by feeling it, reacting to it and responding to it. Once you do this, we begin to state I AM this condition and this is the binding factor.

Let me be clear here. After you have felt, reacted and responded to a few thoughts, you then create a group for them under certain categories like money, health, love, family, and so on. For example, money is hard, work is hard, and economy is going bad, you then group them all together to personalize it for you in order for you to store them in your memory.

What this means is that once you store it in your memory, with all that has to do with money, you refer back to this group. Since that is what you have in your memory on money, you declare the I AM which binds you to continually have the same experience. Many state over and over that, “I AM ALWAYS IN DEBT, I AM HAVING DIFFICULTY WITH MONEY.” Now you have stated that you exist in this form. Please understand that the moment you state “I” this is already stating where you are. Your “I” is your formation.

For clarity purposes, I am again repeating this information. Thoughts are your stepping stones, they pave the way for you through any way possible even through people, places and things as plans and ideas given to you. The moment you declare that you exist in these formations, this creates the experience you will have. Many people keep stating, “I AM IN DEBT” and what they are stating is their preferred conditions, their preferred experience and bind themselves to that. To clarify this even further, thoughts lead the path to your desire, they prepare you to become that which you have intended to experience. Thoughts assist you in being it so that you are able to perceive it.

When you exchange your emotion/energy in motion from fear to love, but continually state that you exist in debt, you are creating chaos and unnecessary drama. This is why PATH TO BEING YOUR TRUE SELF is so vital. Leave in peace, the declarations that you exist in any formation through thoughts of limitation towards, you, your body, your mind, your relationships, your money and even your country. Leave in peace, leave the war you have against your potential and begin to relate by feeling, reacting and responding to your amazing self and choose the emotion/energy in motion of peace to sustain you and declare right now that you exist in prosperity, in health, in all that is good for you.

Reminder: Feel, react and respond to the emotion/energy in motion of peace and thoughts will show up to support them. If you are receiving negative thoughts, move into the emotion of peace again and feel, react and respond to that. When you do this, you will again receive positive thoughts. Thoughts are just your managers offering you different ideas to support you, and sometimes your managers share with your ideas from others that can be negative or off track. There is no need to go into fear. Nothing is final until you focus on it and entertain it.


The following are levels to prepare for your desire which begin in the following way:


  1. Assign the desired energy as you know emotion/energy in motion. They are either love, peace or joy.

  2. Desire to have an experience with those emotions in physical form.

  3. List reasons which are your affirmations, your foundations as to why you want what you want. Call this your designing level. You are not convincing yourself to see, if you are able to have it, you are designing how you want it.

  4. Feeling, responding and reacting shows up as thoughts. Thoughts that make you feel good about your desire, thoughts that support your desire. Responses show up as thought images, where you play out how you will interact with it and so on. Reaction determines how your thoughts become stronger and clearer.

  5. Expectation, which is you know this is so and you become the energy of your desire so much that you are perceiving it everywhere and then it is so.

It is a great moment right here, right now to create within yourself any identity and experience you desire. Imprint this by daily expressing to yourself your preferred experience.

Dedicate each moment to implanting within your mind and heart that you are awesome and that your desire is to have any emotion from love, over joy to peace through any experience with everything and everyone.


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