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Now that you have made the decision to make the exchange, the change to the real you, (see previous blog) I am going to offer a few things here that come from my previous books just to move you into this subject of relationship.

I am sure you have concluded that this relationship I speak of is with yourself first so that the results of that show up in your experience. We all have a relationship with ourselves, the only thing is that this relationship has been disempowering and very abusive. Usually the way we relate to ourselves has been in line with the way others have related to us.

As stated in the previous post, everything is a reflection and many times when, especially as children, we do not relate to our grown-ups, we are then forced to relate through punishments. For example, a mother comes home from work, already stressed, and finds her child playing and making a mess. The mother cannot relate to the child’s emotion of joy, so she will target anything to set the conditions around her to match how she is feeling and that will be to focus on the mess.

The child submits to the authority and from here on the child begins to equate the relationship with himself/herself as harsh and full of guilt for having fun. Usually this becomes a pattern and even as an adult this individual will always feel guilty for enjoying life.

Many of us have distorted relationships with ourselves because we draw comparisons to the way others related to us. The greatest way to begin to a new version of yourself is to begin to relate to the essence of who you are and allow that to flourish into desire and the desire into a great physical experience.

EMOTION means energy in motion. You are an emotional being/vibrational being. Your energy in motion sustains you physically and mentally! In spiritual circles or in religions, the word spirit is used instead of energy in motion. If you prefer to use the word spirit and replace it for the word energy then do that. As we know, spirit is life and energy is life, both are the same and sustain the mental and the physical.

Reminder: Energy is what sustains all, so the emotion/energy in motion of peace will sustain you in a powerful way. Peace is the allowance of your ability to express yourself through a positive experience with yourself through anything you desire.

For example; let’s say that your current relationship with your money is in chaos. In fact, you are owing money constantly. This is the result of what you have memorized about yourself, in this case, that you are not valuable. When you do not think you are valuable, valuable things cannot be reflected back to you, mirrored back to you via the experience of prosperity.

Remember what we have discussed previously here. All around you is a reflection of what you think you are, what you have memorized about yourself. In this example, the emotion/energy in motion that has sustained this environment in your mind, as well as in your physical experience, is fear.

Since you made an exchange, you must first move into the emotion/energy in motion of peace and become familiar with it so that the emotion/energy in motion fear is no longer the running engine in your mind, nor your physical expression in any area. When the emotion/energy in motion of peace is the running engine of all, your expression of that is, you no longer have a war in your mind which turns into disempowering, hurtful thoughts about yourself. You no longer disagree with what you really want by coming up with excuses as to why you cannot have it or be it.

Below I will show you how to first become familiar with the emotion/energy in motion of peace, so that from that position of power the best experience you desire to live will manifest.

Here are the steps to take in order to become familiar with the emotion/energy in motion of peace. You will need a notebook/journal, either paper or electronic, and a few minutes of uninterrupted alone time. Once again, these words have been energized to assist you in this.


1.     Write a list of the five things and/or experiences you desire to have. For example, the desire to have prosperity, a thin healthy body and so on. Use your imagination and do not limit to accommodate what you think those around you desire, everyone will get everything they desire, but focus on yourself first. As you write the list, keep it simple and general, often too much detail becomes overwhelming. Now look over the list and as you do, take a deep breath in and slowly exhale. The breathing relaxes you into the emotion/energy in motion, the core of that which you are, which is love, peace and joy. Repeat the breathing.


2.     Call into yourself the emotion of peace. Peace is not so much about being calm or relaxed; it is your acceptance of all these desires you have listed. Call peace into your mind and feel, react and respond to that emotion. Feel the flow of it, react to the ease of it and respond to how fast it moves through you. Take another breath.


3.     Look at your list and say the following out loud: “I agree with this list. I agree with myself to be the best expression in physical form through my experiences in this list. I accept myself as fullness, glory and potential to have an amazing life. I agree with the easiness of these things showing up in my life.” Take another breath.

4.     Now just imagine, remember, as mentioned in Chapter One that you are the image, the dream, the manifestation of all that you have retained and memorized in your mind. When you just imagine, make sure you are feeling the emotion that it has. The first emotion is peace, so you are agreeing with all that you see in your mind.


5.     Convert the list to actual positive things here and then statements. For example: “I am in prosperity, money flows into my life easily right now.” Make sure your statement is in the present tense.


Take the list you have converted in point number five and have it readily available for you to look at. Read it every day in the morning and before going to bed. Remember, you become, you imitate, and you manifest all that is in your mind. It is important that you memorize this list so that you automatically become it and it shows up in your experience. Repeat step four, so that you become acquainted with the emotion/energy in motion of peace.


VERY IMPORTANT: You are forming a relationship with YOU. As you have learned, you are emotion/energy in motion and that means you are forming a relationship with PEACE. You are going to practice memorizing your desires and you are feeling, responding and reacting to yourself in peace in each of these desires.

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