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May today be the day you acknowledge that for all the endings you've encountered in your life, each new sunrise offers the chance to embrace new beginnings.

Yes, there were many interpretations and shocking moments. Just like there is rain, storms, and moments that pause your life, you know change comes but also the sun shines again.

When it comes to NEW BEGINNINGS, it isn't because new beginnings are easy or automatic, but because, just like the patterns of the sun and moon bring about day and night, you too experience cycles of endings and beginnings. They are natural, and you are moving through them.

Recognize that new beginnings don't have to follow a perfect, step-by-step plan where everything is figured out. Instead, they can unfold naturally, like the transition from day to night and back to day. With each turn of the day, you are collecting wisdom and learning as you go.

What is wisdom? How do we learn from the interruptions? Wisdom means aware of what is for you and what is not. Simple isn't? Hmmm

Recently, I was faced with crushing news. Crushing because again I did not tap into my wisdom. It was that quote from DMX, "people show you who they are the first time, TRUST THAT YOU CAN SEE THEM!"

Wisdom reveals to us the first time and yet we ignore this over and over. However, in it revealed and empowered me to trust my inner guidance. I also praised my quality to love people regardless of what comes up. What I am sharing is, if it doesn't work out acknowledge the truth of who you are and willingness to move on.

Changes might be subtle at times, but the constant is that you are evolving! 2024 is the total number 8. 8 brings things full circle. It also reminds us that we are eternal. It symbolizes great ideas, purpose, and change.

2024= 8 The number eight is a symbol for the energetic vibration of personal power, hidden power, shared resources, determination, material and financial gain, the pinnacle, recognition of work, lifestyle upgrades!

So, for whatever has been interrupted in your life, whether it's been on hold for a short while or a long time, may the new day remind you of the possibility of what new things can be here now.

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