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In this moment, I am going to share how to easily let go of your limiting beliefs from 2023 if you want to. I know for sure 2023 showed me, me. And as I reflect on my 2023 I am taking moments to let go of what didn't serve me. Would like like to join me? Let me know and DM on Facebook.

So first, let's talk about exploring without prejudice expectation that doing this will expose your fears. Many times when it comes to letting go, we think we have to explore all the dangers and fears from the past.

And, you know, it's very painful if you fail at something. And in truth failure is just when the actual vibrational expression doesn't match the expectation. And it doesn't mean that the vibrational essence is good, bad, right, or wrong? I know that for me recently, failure kept creeping in my mind, until I realized that it was a learned behavior or skill.

To be clear, failure was what was taught to me and not anything that was from me. Was it failure? Hmm, no. It was to explore and experience another version of myself, to help me decide what do I truly want.

It just is what it is. It is yours & my perception that creates the pain, and the strife or the excitement and the flow. It's whether you are holding onto your limiting beliefs that generate the pain because you're blocking the flow of energy. Or if you're allowing it to be without prejudice, and the energy just continues flowing on into the next thing, you learn something and you move forward.

I invite you, as you begin this year, to really be kind to yourself and examine the limiting beliefs that you're holding.

  1. What you noticed as you went through 2023, as you went through the previous year?

  2. What limiting beliefs are there?

  3. Where did you find yourself in resistance?

  4. And what energy would you like to explore instead?

And, you know, you can say "I am this thing, or I wonder what it would be like to explore or experience this thing." It doesn't matter which way you perceive it.

You put yourself in vibrational alignment with the energy when you when you imagine it. And then as you start to generate it, it gets pushed out, and then what gets pushed out gets reflected back to you.

I would really invite you to take a little bit of time here to examine that and to make some vibrational selections, what do you want to explore? And, you know, too often in the past, we all have kind of gone on autopilot, you haven't been setting intentions about what it is that you want, you haven't been guiding and directing your energy.

And that's what the coming year 2024 is going to be all about exploring frequencies with intention, all right to to project your energy where you want it to go, as opposed to allowing the energies of the external to kind of move you because you haven't claimed in energy.

I just want you to explore now there's no good bad right or wrong choice. Whatever you explore you can change your mind, you can make a vibrational selection.

In the next days, I will share further on your selection of vibrational emotions.

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