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Updated: Jan 18

Fearful thoughts have been expressed throughout different social media platforms. I know as for me that I get triggered and anxious about what is being said regarding the world around us. Economy, food, employment, and education. Honestly, at this point it's overwhelming the amount of negative feedback starting 2024.

In order to assist in this, we all need a reminder regarding VIBRATION. This will help clarify how to shift these fearful thoughts. Vibration is how you perceive energy is moving. Perception is the ability to feel thoughts and determine what emotions moved you to perceive what you are thinking. Your vibe is your mood. Your mood is based on your emotional state.

We’re all living in a Universe that is attraction-based. And what that means is whatever it is that we are thinking is causing us to offer the vibration of that thought.

Thought is vibration.
Sound is vibration.
Light is vibration. Everything is vibration.

So when you focus upon something and generate a thought, that pulsing thought vibrates, and it sets up a vibrational sequence within you that literally is your point of attraction. That means you are effected, your mood shifts to whatever you are focused upon.

Just like the radio receiver must match up with the radio transmitter in order to receive the signal. So when you offer a thought which generates a feeling within you, you’re beaming it and the things that match it are your world.

Now if you are influenced by what surrounds you to predominantly fearful thoughts, thoughts that produce fear within you when you think them—you are offering a vibration that makes you more likely to rendezvous with the kinds of things that you do not want. Your atmosphere starts matching that more more to be exactly how you have been feeling.

As you are finding yourself predominantly focused upon things that bring a feeling of joy or exhilaration, or eagerness to you, then you are predominantly offering a vibration, and the Universe, by the power of Law of Attraction’s going to line you up with things like that.

You can do this! You...right now are able to direct your attention towards something that feels good. You in every situation have the ability to perceive energy and direct it towards your wellbeing. When you do, you will summon better feeling thoughts, which uplifts your mood; your vibration beams positive energy.

With love,


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