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Words are the expression of thought. Thoughts are the manifestation of energy, your emotions indicators of what you have set in motion. Now thought is the formation that sets the conditions of your creation through any experience you have declared to have. For many, the purpose pulls them into what I call tolerating thinking that this is feeling, reacting and responding to peace.

There is a great difference between tolerating/patience and peace so in this blog I would like to offer clarity on this. Tolerating and patience are the same and they mean to allow to be, or to be done without prohibition, hindrance, or contradiction.[1] What it states is your unwillingness to take responsibility and create differently, and this is the result of the emotion of fear.

I must emphasize this because many are tolerating circumstances they are in to not have to create a preferred experience because the unknown is much scarier than the situation at hand. Please, dear reader, understand this. There is no unknown, because you are the creator of your own experience and as you exchange fear for peace, you are able to define with purpose what this looks like and have it.

Definite or defining is a great ability that every single person has. Defining means to make clear the outline or form of. To describe the nature, properties, or essential qualities of.[2] This definition really will assist you greatly with your desires.

When you define which is to make a clear outline of what is quality for you, what it is that you want, you are able to focus easier and with more intensity on the desire. To be more clear here, the more specific you make it, your direction based on what is essential for you, what is quality for you based on what you have defined for yourself, the easier it is for thoughts to support your journey and creation to take the form of your desire.

Purpose is another word that will empower you greatly. Purpose is your reasons.[3] When you have defined what your desire is by stating with clarity the form of it and you support this with positive reasons, this allows you to stay on track and NOT TOLERATE ANYTHING that is opposite of where you are going. You will not tolerate anything less than what you have set your mind to create.


Now to assist you in creating definite purpose based on your desire.


1.       Remember the categories. Those are actually you defining clearly what you desire.


2.       Look over the list again and take your time while allowing the reasons that answer the why you desire what you desire. This is a very good exercise to do, for this allows you to practice receiving positive thoughts that support your desire. For example: “I am living in prosperity. My reasons to live in prosperity are because it feels great, because I am worthy of it, because I am able to enjoy a better quality of life, because it is available for me for I am already the emotion/energy in motion of it.”


3.       Remind yourself to do this exercise daily until your state of mind is thinking this and you are feeling, responding and reacting to this automatically.


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