What makes this coaching different than others?

In my experience this has been the only effective way to create long-lasting change.

Although releasing energy blockages are a valuable tool in their own right, the person needs to learn to replace the old patterns and conditioning which caused these blockages to manifest initially with new, healthier ones.

This requires training, support and continuous effort.

The presence of a mentoring teacher is of invaluable help in this process.

This training allows you have full control, ability to ask questions and apply the techniques with ease for any area you desire to create.

You will learn it, apply it and master it.

Very few coaches offer such package, so take advantage now and begin your new journey to become

Creator of your own life!

virgina bergman.jpg

I have been following Marilyn for about 7 years now and what I have discovered is that she is consistent and knowledgeable.

You will grow, you will learn, and you will get results. 

Virginia Bergman, Australia

Just had my first session and it was fantastic! She's a great mentor and teacher. I had discovered the answer to a question that I've been searching for a long time.

Thank you so much, Marilyn Holzmann! 

Brandi Mejia, United States


It's just been great! I feel good! I swear I feel more like myself now than I  have in 4 years, and it shows in my dress up and make up, and I FEEL good.

Thank you a million times, Marilyn.

Karina Burruel, United States

To those that are reading this, this coaching is unique. I am grateful every day for you... Thank you. Results: Well-being, I feel powerful and financial results.

Anyone who reads this, do it. Just do it.

W. Williams, United Kingdom

 Here I am, a brand-new person, happier healthier, more confident & living a much more purposeful life as I now have direction. I can't thank Marilyn enough for all her guidance & mentoring.  

Love you, Marilyn! 

Roshni Kaur, Dubai