Forgiveness: If you have a negative reaction to any past event, even if it happened yesterday or years ago—it’s called resentment. 

And what this means is you are still the thoughts and feelings that pulled those experiences towards you.


Resentment is revisiting the feelings of vulnerability in that moment.


Forgiveness is revisiting the feelings of a new you being horned from that situation and thanking the situation for revealing to you the need to change and grow.


Be honest—check who you keep blaming for the hurt and pain. Check that because not moving forward with a new version is a death sentence. It’s is not having enough this or that. Not having enough money, or healthy body, or glorious relationships. 


Forgiveness is key!


Forgiveness means to pay it forward, to pay a debt. How to pay what is empty and what is lacking? It is by recognizing that we are the creator and we create through the thoughts that we think. We pay forward by giving ourselves another purpose to move forward, because remaining in the pain through the law of attraction will bring us the same situations over and over. Right now, you are being called to live your purpose which is to create joyful experiences.

Inner Peace

We are here to know ourselves. The only way to know ourselves is by seeing a reflection back at us. We must have a mirror and this is what life experiences are. Each experience is a mirror of you. OUr work is to have inner peace. Inner peace means to end all arguments about how we messed up and so we are not good enough. Inner peace means to become one and agree with our true calling which is to think in the MIND of God and perceive within love which is our natural state of being.


Judgement is to form a conclusion about a person. Judgement is being used so that we can feel superior and better than the person whom we have accused of hurting us. The issue is as we accuse we expose our in ability to see that they are messengers exposing an area that we cover-up because of the shame we feel. The shame is thinking something can separate me from the love of God. This is not possible for we are in the mind of God, and as thinker we are in total freedom. We cannot unclick ourselves at all. Due to our upbringing and false beliefs about why we are we have gotten a bit off with our perception of freedom. We are here to choose what we desire, not here to correct something so that we can be rewarded with our desires.

The need for self-love is what creates the hurt.

The need for self-love is the cause for hurt and pain. People hurt others because it is an actual cry for help. They feel that have misbehaved in some way and so they seek a way to fulfill that love. We know that nothing and noone can fulfill that love, but the awareness of our true identity. This identity is love. We cannot be anything else or we are no longer the mind of God and again this is not possible. Take a moment to really see people for the essence of who they are as you embrace forgiveness for your perception. Give yourself another purpose to move forward and you do not require permission to live a life of joy.

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