Source Energy is a term used by Abraham Hicks via Esther Hicks as well as others. There is an immense amount of information regarding this online. Yet, many still do not have a full understanding as to how are we the extension of this non-physical energy known as Source?

To fully understand what Source Energy means or is, we must break the two words apart and grasp their origin. Clearly, words do not mean much for each one gives words their meanings in accordance to their life experience. However, the origin of words is very powerful and remains untouched. It is how the word was intended from the beginning. Let's explore the first part which is Source.

Source means the fountainhead of a river or stream. Fountainhead, "spring from which a stream flows".  Stream means a current of consciousness. Consciousness is an internal knowledge. To assist you, we have two parts to this word. One is an actual thing or location and the other part is symbolic. We are exploring the symbolism of these words from where they originated from.

In using the word Source, we are speaking of this endless flow of knowing, of awareness and it all occurs internally. It is the ability through our imagination to foresee things in a higher way, to view things from a lighter perspective. Therefore, once we detach from what is going on and go within ourselves we have awareness of this endless flow, this stream. When we relax ourselves we have access to our imagination and explore better outcomes for our life. This is where ideas originate from and flow from.

Conscious is knowing or perceiving within oneself, the faculty of knowing what is right. Here is something magnificent to note. You being the extension of Source Energy, you have available through the use and power of your mind a flow of many good and right ways to be. In other words, you know what is right and always will know what is right, and have access to what is right for you.

Source is a continuous flow of Energy. Source is a continuous flow of right ideas, good ideas, limitless ideas available and exclusively for you and only you. You are a current a flow of awareness of what is right.

Being aware of what is right increases your quality of life. Being aware of your desires in your internal knowing uplifts your mood, your emotions, and raises your expectations to always expect wellbeing in your life.

Allow your awareness of the Source Energy within you to influence you and see things in a much higher perspective and raise your expectations that all is truly working out for you!

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