Emotions are all the thoughts that we set in movement towards our predetermined outcomes on any particular subject.

These thoughts in movement are the ones we feel deeply about for they are supported by a combination of beliefs as well as expectations. We all have a thread of beliefs around money, body image, family, society, career, and the list goes on. When we compare with others, we find the commonalities and tend to stay with those whose beliefs matches are own.

Emotions are our guiding system. If we can just check our responses yesterday or even a few hours before you opened up this blog post to read, you will notice that your emotions indicated to you how you will react, respond, and even feel. This is why we stay with those that have the same movement of thoughts regarding certain topics. Everyone agrees, and everyone responds the same way. All is great until there is a physical disturbance.

Physical disturbances comes in many forms.

One is our body is not as healthy as we would like it to be. The other can be our finances are not balanced or prosperous as we need it to be. I can go on and on, on how physical disturbances show up based on our emotions. It always starts small. We begin feeling something is off and how we deal with that feeling is how the outcome will unfold. Let me share the four categories of emotional states of being which will assist us in controlling and directing these movement of thoughts towards physical harmony, physical wellbeing instead of these disturbances. Ready?


FIRST ONE IS APPETITE. Appetite is primarily the first thing everyone is trying to feed. Appetite means to seek out. This emotional state is seeking everything outside because there is not any connection within. To clarify this, we search endlessly our worth, and validation by what others respond to us, and what we have or not have. Many seek and seek never going within to find peace, harmony, or answers. Many times we do not create value based on our thoughts about ourselves, but we base our value by what others say we are.

The question to ask ourselves are the following:

  1. Are you seeking outside of you to feel important, valuable, worthy and so forth?

  2. How many times do we value ourselves based on how we think people see us as?

  3. Do you think about how others see you before walking in a meeting or place?​

SECOND IS PASSION. Passion means to endure and it is linked with sacrifice. Many people want what they want but believe and have beliefs set in place that anything we desire comes with hard work and in difficult ways to obtain them.

I was brought up that if I desired something it will cost me something even greater. We are at times scared to ask for more or aim for something that makes us happy, because we have been taught that in order to get it you must sacrifice something. Who wants to sacrifice? Not me! Sacrifice is not fun, it is painful! This emotional disturbance shows up as stress, anxiety, depression and follows up with painful living conditions.

We all know what those conditions look like! They look like "not enough or later" as if this statement makes it any better. The crazy thing we do is, we gather up more negative beliefs as well as get together with those who have the same set of emotions and make this appear to be normal.

The question to ask ourselves are the following:

  1. What have you postponed to be, to live, to have because you think it requires sacrifice?

  2. What are you dealing with because you think it will lead you to a reward?

  3. How much sacrifice have you put yourself through and clearly nothing has changed for the better?

  4. Are you finding ways to suppress the pain in order to gain something from it?

  5. Have you seen anyone truly happy when they sacrifice something to be happy?

THIRD IS AFFECTION. Affection means desire, inclination, wish, and intention. Affection is always on call. Life is always expanding towards better experiences. This is the reason we all desire or are inclined to want a better quality of life. Here is something to make note of. Affection shows up constantly and how we respond to is a major revelation about who we think we are. Affection disturbs us physically. It will disturb our comfort zone, as well as our fear based beliefs.

Affection sounds the alarm that there is more to your life and the time is now!

Affection requires us to accept it, but we often deny it or ignore. The acceptance of a desire, is allowing yourself to be inclined to it, in other words, to be moved by it, and being focused on it. Having affection towards a desire without having any negative beliefs against it. Read my blog on releasing resistance to assist you in going with the flow of life and your desires.

The question to ask ourselves are the following:

  1. Do you reject going for your dreams because it is moving you to change your beliefs about yourself?

  2. Are you responding against what life is calling you to be, do, or have?

  3. How often do you convince yourself that what you desire is just a wish and nothing more?

FOURTH IS SENTIMENT. Sentiment means personal experience, one's own feeling. Now this is tricky because each of us has to be aware of our own personal experiences and how we feel about what transpired. We develop sentiment, we develop feelings about what happened to us. Let me add this. What we feel happened to us we create beliefs that set in motion many of our current situations. Why? Because it is what we expect based on what we have already set in motion, which is all based on our conclusions around every subject. These feelings causes many physical disturbances. I will share a few with you here.

  1. Fear of dying. Fear of dying is the constant looking-out of for danger, failure, and how things will not work out. It is factoring in the many ways your dreams can go wrong.

  2. Fear of success called anxiety. Anxiety is the anticipation of trouble and excitement is the anticipation of good coming.

The list goes on and on, but you know what causes in you a physical interruption that keeps you where you are over and over.

Fear is just an inferior way to perceive life.

It is the thinking that someone or something is greater than you and therefore support it with more negative beliefs and let these beliefs run your life.

The question to ask ourselves are the following:

  1. Is what we desire affection or is it based on passion?

  2. Are your beliefs uplifting you or is it draining you?

  3. What beliefs do you have set in place that keep you feeling like you felt as a child?

  4. Did you feel as a child abandoned, not good enough, not noticed and are you still living that same way today?

SUMMARY: Emotions is a mental state of being, it exposes your relationship with yourself. We are here to be and dwell in wellbeing. When our mental conditions to exist is on the basis of joy we are full of energy and positive outlook on life. We collect positive beliefs and move forward with what life is calling us to become. Anything less causes physical disturbance.

What is found is that disturbance is mental distress, emotional disorder of the mind. This is why your emotions are your guidance. If you find yourself in any range from anger, anxiety, and depression clearly there is a disorder in the mind. Disorder means no focus, no affection towards a pure desire. To alleviate this I have written powerful blogs, you can explore any of them for I offer easy ways to shift this.

Thank you and please share this blog.

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