The process of love is something that I had to think about for a very long time. The idea of love was connected in my life as hurt and pain, but also feeling good. I decided to explore on the process of love because truly it is a process. Process means a method or course of action. Clearly, if love is our method or course of action then we have to be very clear about what exactly is love.

This is a bit awkward since for Valentine's we must do something to show our love. The question is, are proving love and so love can be taken and given? This entire thing is scary. I would not want my husband to take back his love for me, then what am I supposed to do to make sure this does not happen?

Same goes with children, right? We love you and punish you, we approve you and we are disappointed in you, but still love you. If you love mommy, you will do this and that.

The origin of the word love is liberty. Love liberates! If the method or course of action is liberty then this changes much of what we think we are and what we think of others.

How often we love someone and felt that it is not reciprocated, because we thought love was a give and take? How often have we been told to love ourselves just to add more things to do?

Since love is liberty than it is in movement, it is not confined or restricted. Love is! Love is! That statement alone should reveal everything about our ways of loving others. Since love is, it means love be, it is existence, it is life. Love be, exist, come to be, become, happen, it is all life, and this is the process by which our methods and course of actions must reflect. Love is liberty and liberty exists, come to be, becomes, happens, and there is never any limitations. Are we loving or are we continually binding ourselves because we have defined love as a give and take and not an active liberator?

Liberty comes from the following combination of words-free choice, freedom to do as one chooses, absence of restraint; permission.



  1. Every course of action must be on the basis of freedom.

  2. Love is, therefore it exists and comes to be, there is not giving love and receiving love, there is only thinking from that state of being.

  3. Thinking any moving or action from a state of love is expressing freedom not restraining ourselves with limiting thinking.

  4. Process of love is a method by which we decide not factoring in opinion, or conditions, or any form of limits.

  5. Process of love towards ourselves is knowing that we are love because we exist in love, in liberty and our calling is to exist in that state, in that mental state of love.

  6. Process of loving ourselves is the course of action that is rooted in limitless thinking, the absence of identifying ourselves with harsh labels, stories, and beliefs.

  7. God is love, God is already liberty! We are the expression of that love, we must be, because in each of we have the capacity to think as far as possible.

Decide; which means accept this moment to move through life in love, as love, and expression of love through your thoughts.

May your process, your method of action come from all that you are which is love.

May you love people by thinking thoughts of freedom towards them.

May you truly love yourself because you are limitless in every way.

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