It is my joy to offer something clear and effective to your life. I am driven by knowing the actual origin of words. I find that knowing their original intent can help each one of us determine what meaning to give them, instead what society or the media continually tells us what this or that means.

Worry as well as anxiety is a big deal in today's day to day experiences. We either notice or hear someone saying that they are trying to cope with their anxiety and stress. Everything over and over requires our immediate attention and this may cause in some a reaction such as stress and anxiety. Now, I am not a medical doctor nor am I implying that you stop whatever you feel is working for you. However, I am here to lighten up the situation in which you may or may not find yourself in. I am here to offer you another perceptive to bless your life. Ready? I am!

The bible and I am not talking about religion but the words that make sense mentions something so on point. It is in, Luke 12:25-26 “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? 26 Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?”

Has worry worked for any of us?

Is anxiety assisting to resolve whatever it is that we are coping with?

We all know for sure that it does not. What is worry? Why do we choose to worry? Why does our bodies react in anxiety when worry is activated? To answer these questions let us look into what is the origin of these two words.

The word worry originated from MENTAL TROUBLE. Mental is pertaining to the mind; it is a characteristic of the intellect. Mental is the quality we have formed from our use of our intellect. This is important because all of us are intelligent and how we use this intelligence forms our personality and character.

Intellect is your power and my power to discern, it is the power to choose.

Anyone who suffers from worry and anxiety is consistently anticipating that things will somehow not work out. They have been trained earlier in life that they have no power to choose and when then do choose it, it will not work out or there will be possible failure. This pattern of anticipating trouble is usually when an authority imposed their beliefs of fear and made sure that the guidelines were followed or else (the intention was to protect from harm). In other words, every intention to pursue something that was felt right by the individual was knocked out with humiliation, enforcement, shamed, talked out of, and even confronted with either punishment or discipline.

Going into worry is a pattern of misusing the mind by creating bad, negative scenarios to remain or even justify why we abide in the guidelines given to us. To be clear, it is not using discernment, it is not choosing what benefits us individually, not choosing what makes us happy, not living or fulfilling our own calling and purpose. These guidelines comes as moral codes, family traditions, and beliefs passed on from one generation to the other. These guidelines we have formed ourselves to behave in line with whoever it is we are trying to please or obtain approval from.

But in all this we have to understand and we know deep in our hearts that something keeps seeking expression.

In every person, there lives an image of what he or she ought to be. As long as we are not that image, we will never be at rest. Not being at rest is anxiety and constantly thinking thoughts that resist that longing, that image that is calling us to choose above all and above anyone.

It is very likely that you are here reading or listening to this teaching because you have a desire to grow. You may not be consciously aware that that was your motivation in clicking on this link. But secretly within yourself, there’s a tremendous desire to be more. There’s a feeling of inability to rest content with what you are. And no matter what you do, buy, distract yourself from this urge, this dream, this image, this push for more will keep sending you signals over and over until you surrender to your truth.

Intuitively you know that there is more in you. And I believe that the reason you’re reading this, at least unconsciously, is that you know that there is a way in which you can discover something of that more. Now I have explained Source Energy in a previous teaching which will help you awaken your consciousness to this current that is available right now for you and anyone who is anxious or in constant worry.

This stream, this MIND, this Universe is full of wonders and stories for you to choose from. You are born free because you are love and love liberates.

Know that you are able to choose when you fully decide who you are by what brings to you joy in the thought of that. Those who discouraged you in the past were just there as a point for you to see the outcome of their thoughts, but in their best interest they were trying to guide you from a fear base not from a loving focus. Through those negative situations may have made you think that you cannot choose or have power to choose, it was an actual calling for you to begin sowing seeds of desires and when ready, you were ready to move forward. Right now you are ready to move forward for it is the reason you are reading this and listening to this.

Power is ability to choose. When you choose it is when you have decided to be an image of that which you have chosen. Let us say you decide to experience a new career, or better conditions to live in, now you have given yourself an identity. What person do you have to be to live or have something better? You have to become a worthy, happy, lovable, prosperous person. The moment you do this you start a process which establish your point of attraction.

Law of attraction, Karma, God all mean the same thing just different names. It is that which is like unto itself is drawn. It is whatsoever you are, you pull in the reflection of that. In your earlier life, many had no idea that this is how life truly works.

Nothing can come to you unless you have given your attention and focus to it.
  1. Understand that not deciding is already a decision.

  2. Allow yourself moments to softly define who you are not by what has happened but by what makes you happy.

  3. Look at the blog releasing resistance.

  4. Test Law of Attraction, test God in this begin the practice of gratitude.

  5. Discern, take small steps to choose thoughts that are lighter and easier to think about.

  6. Daily keep a schedule to remind you of some verse, or quote that stimulates your thinking.

  7. You bring to people who you are not what you do.

Thank you for reading this blog and please subscribe as well as share the inspiration.

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