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Resistance is a word used often to describe how we continually sabotage ourselves from moving towards what makes us happy. There are moments where we participate in the drama or negative beliefs pushed on us or initiated by us, only to find that we are perpetuating the situation even further. Either way, resistance can feel as a sort of "normal" even though our intuition tells us this is not.

I am going to share the origin of the word resistance, because there is something powerful to explore regarding it's true meaning. Please read carefully and be inspired to share this blog with others.


Resistance is an organized hidden opposition to an occupying or ruling power. Let’s look into this.

When you resist your desires you are hiding something. What do we hide? We hide all of the memories that are shameful to us as well as negative beliefs regarding certain situations where we felt we had no power over. These events/situations have been accumulated in the order in which they occurred. It is like a snowball. We gather more and more hurtful negative events until it is dominant within us that we perceive all things through these events.

An example of this is, "There is no way I will get paid more because this happened and that happened." The further we go back, the more we realize that we have collected negative events since childhood and developed beliefs about them. Because we pile up all these negative events and replay them in our minds, we think this is bigger than the power within our desires to be realized. In other words, there are more facts and evidence as to something not working out in your favor and it has been sustained for a long period of time.

What is the ruling power in which we oppose often? The ruling power is your desire and resisting it means you are hiding negative beliefs which you have collected for some time and using them to not believe or trust that your desires will manifest one way or another.

Ruling is another word which I looked into and it means principle, guide, and to direct straight. Therefore, your desires is a guide to something good and right for you. This is why it is powerful because it offers to make your life be guided towards wellbeing.

How to release this?

𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝐓𝐖𝐎: How to release this?

The answer is gratitude. Gratitude is a process to correct a current negative state of mind. Which is why it is so powerful. Before I share a deeper meaning regarding gratitude, I will tell you something about me.

1. I’ve been abused, abandoned and poor. 2. Participated in numerous ministries and failed at all of them. 3. Depression and anxiety. 4. Lied for years to cover up the abuse at home. 5. Divorced and bankrupt 6. Minister and studied thousands of books on understanding what I am sharing. 7. I have restored every area of my life. 8. Currently, I am traveling living a life of ease with absolutely no debt! 9. Balanced my body and emotions. 10. Married for almost 15 years to the love of my life.

I am approachable and both my husband and I live what I share here. I am real person and you can see that through time here. All I ask is that you open yourself up there is nothing tricky here, just test it and see how it goes. You will be surprised!


Gratitude is a powerful practice. I am going to give you the origin of this word and please repeat it so that you can feel the power in it. Gratitude originates from the word congratulations.

Gratitude and celebration is addressing with expressions of pleasure your desires, all desires that are in your experience now and those which you are expecting. To congratulate means to praise the evidence for its existence.

The only way to release resistance is by forming the practice of being grateful. What you are becoming familiar with is collecting good memories and step by step letting go of accumulating negative events.

Gratitude is the way you uplift and focus on what is currently good and being grateful for the desires that are in the process of manifesting. In regards to your past negative events, remember that every second that you do not like something or something feels off, you birth or another word expose the opposite because the Universe-God-Source Energy supplies in every second. Our Universe-God-Source Energy maintains all in balance, so for every negative there is the birthing of a positive way.

SUMMARY: Gratitude is you celebrating, praising the manifestation of your desire. It is you acknowledging that it IS!

ASSIGNMENT: Get THE SECRET GRATITUDE BOOK by Rhonda Byrne. Yes, you can get a different journal instead of this one. You cannot get this wrong.

FIRST STEP: Put a date and praise for all that is good right now in your experiences. You are training yourself to see what already is working and collecting good memories instead of negative ones.

SECOND STEP: Praise, celebrate for the upcoming desires in your mind. Celebrate because it is already done! It is done once you believe in it, and expect it!

Thank you for taking time to read this post. I make sure to provide you with a full teaching so that you can begin to feel uplifted and start living a life of joy.

Please share this blog. Check the site for access to the free teachings.

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