We often read and find so much information on money. Money is very important and clearly it helps us by bringing easiness in many areas. Money was introduced to us when we were children. We may not have known exactly what that paper was but we noticed the way our parents and society related to it. Money triggers every single emotion almost every hour of the day. How can we look at money differently for this new year approaching? Do we actually have an understanding on what money is? Well, I want to offer you CLARITY on where this word originated from and how to achieve more of it.

To clarify this word we must understand that words go through an evolutionary process because as we introduce different beliefs and cultures we continually expand in our meaning or interpretation of words. However, words do have an origin and this is key to understanding its purpose.

Money came from the word mint. Mint is to create and produce. Remember we are seeking the origin, not how money has been presented to us as coins to paper to crypto. We are in the path of understanding what exactly is money so that we can have a fresh new liberating perspective on it. Clearly now we know that money is a symbolism of creating and producing.

Another word that evolved is monetary. Monetary was added as part of the ability or the purpose of money. Monetary is the mechanisms by which it is supplied to and circulates in the economy. This mechanism is what we know as prosperity. Prosperity is how creativity is circulating in our economy. Prosperity is the vehicle in which opportunities, connections, and positions come to us for the development of our creativity. In other words, prosperity is how we expect things to come to us.

Here is another word that jumps at us and it is economy. What is economy and how does it relate to creating and producing? Economy is household manager.

Ready to understand all of this?

Money is how we circulate our ideas. Money is a symbolism of our true power and ability which is to create and produce. Create is the use of our imagination and to produce is our forward focus and daily positive thinking. Forward thinking means how we expect our life to unfold and this is known as prosperity. Prosperity is how you expect your life to be.

This is why when a person refuses to use their imagination to uplift themselves and think positive you can clearly see it in their money. This is why we associate money with freedom. However, if we are not free in our thinking, the effects of that shows in how much debt we owe and lack of prosperity (we do not expect much).

Here is another powerful revelation in the word household. Household has to do with the people you are in relationship with. Clearly this sounds the alarm. If the people you are constantly surrounded by have no desire to move forward with obtaining a positive look towards life then this is not their fault they are only mental aspects of you. Everyone we meet is exposing our thinking. The time has come to begin using your imagination and create a new way to see yourself and softly start thinking more positive. Positive is forward thinking and forward thinking is a flow of money.

Reflection time...

  1. Are you still thinking the same way you were two or three years ago?

  2. Do you criticize yourself or people often?

  3. Do you see more good than bad in your day to day activities?

  4. Are you creating new ways to grow in your relationships?

  5. How do you see yourself?

  6. Do you meditate?

  7. Do you take time for gratitude and appreciation?

Right now you are being called to take a few moments and enter your imagination. Begin simply by being grateful. Gratitude is forward thinking because you really take note of what is already good in your life and that starts the path of seeing things better.

Thank you for reading and sharing this powerful message!

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