1. I AM

In this teaching, you will understand that you are the...I AM. What this means is, you are an eternal being, that exists in all things. It is you, the creator of your reality based on what you perceive. I AM, is a powerful awareness of thoughts. I AM is what you are without the thoughts and ideas. This is why you can choose from a sea of thoughts the ones that resonate with you and develop beliefs. Once you develop beliefs, you create a relationship that makes you familiar with those beliefs. The more you feel certain ideas and beliefs, it becomes your perception. What you perceive is what you know. What you know is what you look out for. Everyone expects what they expect because it matches what each person has become familiar with. 

You have your stage of development. This stage is NOW! Now is the moment to begin a relationship with wellbeing, prosperity, and all the good that you desire.

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2. I AM IS...

In this teaching, you will understand that you are the...I AM. A few questions have come up regarding I AM. I AM, means I EXIST. I is the most important definition for you think about. What is the I comes from, SOURCE ENERGY. The word I comes from  implying consciousness, this word came from the Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 1899. I AM, is the Source of consciousness and awareness.


To be clear, it means EXISTENCE that is aware of itself. In order for existence to know itself as existing it needs a feedback, it needs a reflection. The universe is intelligence, it is the manifestations of endless thoughts all reflecting all variations of SOUCE ENERGY, the I AM. You job is to choose, which one you desire to project as vibrational states, emotional states, basically a way to feel this awareness.

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You are the awareness of the Universe, of God. It is not you and God, it is only God. There is only one! We are the thinkers, which means we can reflect and choose any thoughts or ideas to have an experience with.


This is how many have a ways to be living in a great life, a joyful life, all because they rely on their imagination. What is imagination? Imagination is choosing your mental state of being. Choosing how you will exist, live, and how you will refer yourself as. This is why when anyone chooses to be different, their entire life changes as well. We cannot force anything because everything is the way it is by the way a thinker thinks. All worry is a misuse of the imagination. 

Immediately, …take a moment to close your eyes and think about yourself. 


You are the perceiver and whatever you perceive in your MIND is activating an idea to manifest in physical likeness, The physical you become the image and likeness of whatever YOU AS GOD-MIND perceives within. How do we all perceive? What is perception? To perceive means to grasp, to feel in the mind. You and I are PRECEPTORS, we perceive, we feel, all that is visible because we are the MIND of God. 

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Focus Wheel, helps you get started to change your perception on the most urgent areas you desire to change. Since everything is us as us, all that you desire requires that you become familiar with being in that relationship, in that body, and in that financial level. Focus wheel will help get a vibe going on your new desires by having you develop thoughts and beliefs around it. 

Please note, that these exercises truly work when you apply them frequently. Remember, you know what you know now because you rehearsed it so many times that it has become a dominant thought pattern. This exercise helps you to choose your thoughts and your new beliefs that matches what prefer in life so that you then expect it to be that way!!

Follow the example below and print out the PDF to get started. I suggest you start with focusing on you as a better, happier YOU!

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