This is just breathing at a deep and slow pace. This takes about 30 seconds. Next, close your eyes softly and breathing again deep and slowly.

This is to shift things fast or use it as a daily practice.

Find a place in your home in which you are not interrupted. You only need at first 7 to 10 minutes but the idea is to work towards 15 to 20 minutes daily.

The first thing is your breathing. This is the part where you relax and for a small moment detach from what is going on and what you urgently need. Trust this  process because it is very effective and powerful. This is also known as meditation, I call it Sensing Energy.

You focus on your breathing while you softly close your eyes and just picture yourself breathing. Any thoughts that come up direct to your breathing. If this is difficult, just focus on something pleasurable, you cannot get this wrong.

Breathing opens you up to being receptive to positive flow of thoughts.

Step 01 BreathingMarilyn Holzmann
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This is not pushing, this is not hard work, this is just deciding on a different flow. Emotions such as anger, anxiety, or depression can be uplifted by choosing hope.  If you are already in hope go for love, peace, or joy. Just pick the first one that pops in your mind.

Emotions is how you indicate the direction of your life. Emotions are your theme for life. What you are wanting to do is softly choose a positive emotions. The three that are easy to focus on is love, peace, and joy. 

Love means liberty. Peace means agree with well-being. Joy means satisfaction and pleasure. All you need to do is decide which one will be perfect for you to direct your life with. All three are very powerful and neither one is greater than the other.

Just breathe in your chosen emotion and imagine you living a life that is love. Love liberates. See yourself free of problems, issues, and free. What does that look like? Stay with that vision that pops up and relax into. This means enjoy it, breathe in deep and be uplifted by it.

Step 02 FeelingsMarilyn Holzmann
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Feel just place softly your attention to the motion of your chosen positive emotion. Take interest just look at the emotion & picture it. Use your imagination. Feeling is the sensation you get from the images and thoughts that cross your mind. When it is good you feel lightness, when it is against your desires it feels tightness and heavy.

Feelings is just a sensation. Feel the lightness and the fun of the vision you just obtained. You do not need to know specifics at first, when you do this often you will get specifics and in many occasions inspirations and impulses of what steps to take. Feeling is your acceptance that you desire a better and more joyful life and this is the path to achieve that.

Step 03 FeelingsMarilyn Holzmann
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What ever you see in your imagination as you immerse in it, call it something. Naming it makes it personal to you. Naming it helps to remind yourself of what is coming and what you are expecting.

As you are feeling the fun and lightness of whatever it is you are seeing in your imagination with your chosen emotion call it something. Give what you are seeing a title. An example is, you are shopping and having fun with plenty of money to enjoy what you are doing. You have chosen love and therefore feel so free from all financial debt. In this example and great name would be, "Happy is my life!" or how about, " Ease and Joy is my music!" 

You cannot get this wrong. You can choose one word or a short phrase. Try not to make it too long so that you remember it.

Next is write it down.

Step 04 Name ItMarilyn Holzmann
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In order for you to allow and be receptive to what is about to unfold, gratitude is the deliverer. Start looking for anything that makes you smile and say, "Thank you!" Do this daily. You become sensitive to good and only good, which opens up to good experiences that lead to what you did in STEP 4.

Purchase a journal. I suggest the Rhonda Byrne gratitude journal. Click here to order it. I have used it for years. This is a powerful practice. Begin to have gratitude places you in a position of openness to exactly what you just did in the previous steps.

Step 05 GratitudeMarilyn Holzmann
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Give thoughts and beliefs that are in line with STEP 4 and 5. Use STEP 1, to evoke to ask God-Universe for more beliefs that are in line with what you are desiring. Everything requires giving. Everything requires us to pay in thought. 

This step is coming up with more thoughts and beliefs that uplifts your new vision for your life. Everything that occurs in our life is due to the thoughts we keep thinking over and over. You believe in these thoughts because you have beliefs that you came up with, which then influences you daily. Breathe in deep and exhale.  What beliefs or what thoughts match your desire, your vision which you just named?

Let's use the example above. "Happy is my life" is the theme, the name that is a match to my vision.  The beliefs that goes with this would be the following:

Nature is always supported with all it needs and so is the same for me.

I believe I am loved.

Feeling good is my norm.

I do not pay for air to breathe, I do not have to sacrifice to live a happy life.

Happy feels good to me so that means it is right for me.

As you can see I have developed beliefs that support and keep in-line with my vision.

Step 06 GiveMarilyn Holzmann
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Results are important to understand. The first result that you are going to notice is your feelings. The moment you continually feel the lightness and easiness as you practice the steps above, that is your first result that this is working out.

Result do not jump all at once, it comes in small bites. People ignore the first results and that is when it slows the manifestations down, it slows down opportunities, it slows down connections, and everything else. Results are your feelings of good, not by what you do but how you think. Here is the path to results.

1. Thoughts and beliefs that feel good.

2. Notice that you are seeing the lightness in your situations.

3. Not taking things so serious.

4. Impulses to do small steps.

5. Confirmations everywhere.

6. Your mood is getting better.

7. You notice more positive than negative.

8. You expect your desires.

9. You practice this above and get better at it.

Step 07 ResultsMarilyn Holzmann
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Seek other areas that inspire you to uplift, improve, or you are just bored with. We are constantly being called to move forward. Nothing is a finish line because God-Source Energy is in the evolution of all. So play again! See what more things you are able to be a creator of fun!

Seek to improve in any area to lighten the situation as you expect your desires to fully manifest. One area is budget. Facing your bills and debt not in a negative way but in a place of improvement. Another area is work. Which ways you can improve being better. Relationships, how to soften that situation instead of igniting more conflict. This is not so much about doing it is about being at peace where you are so that you can release negative thoughts and be more in line with your desires.

Step 08 SeekMarilyn Holzmann
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Since 2014, I have received the same questions and here are the answers which will assist you in trusting this process. Even though you might think your situation is different which of course it is, the way to shift it or change is always the same processes. Take a moment to understand the following questions and answers. 

1. How is any of this going to change my financial situation? Money is a symbolism of the way you circulate ideas. Ideas about everything. In other words, the balance of thoughts are more towards how hard, gotta get it done, restriction, not enough and so on. People that lack money lack gratitude, do not seek or think thoughts of overflow and abundance. There are driven about what they have to do to get and not about the joy of living. 

2. Why must I do daily? You should practice appreciation and gratitude (visit teachings on this) do this daily because each of us is called to be a deliberate creator. This mean intend what you want and direct your life based on your emotions.

3. I tend to procrastinate..why can't I stick to this?  Because all your life you have been doing things the hard way. It has been reliant upon hard work and skills. Everytime you are faced with something new, it creates within you the idea of having to do to achieve. This is not inspiring, it is not uplifting. But if you understand that this is only about changing your mental state, your emotions, you will find the joy of every day establishing what is you desire and will notice life responding to you in a joyful way.

4. What is the law of attraction? This is the regulator of the Universe where you pull into your life what you are. This is why I emphasis over and over here and other teachings, to choose an emotion, choose a theme, choose a mentality to draw your experiences from.

5. Can I just decide on what I want? Many people want because they do not have.  It is always to fill a void because their emotion, their theme from child is they are not enough which is sad emotion. Sad emotion is deprivation. When people get what they want they are still not happy. It is back again to the trying to feel better and nothing outside is going to change sadness to love, to peace, or joy. You and only you can change it by first establishing how you want to exist, how you want your theme for life to be. If you desire more money, you need to accept that your identity is, I AM RICH. If you desire to be healthy, you need to accept that your identity is, I AM HEALTH. Soon as that is what you are, then by Law of Attraction, everything will line up to match who you are. Remember like attracts like.

6. My negative past and trauma how do I release them? You release them instantly by doing the above steps. You let go when you grad unto something better. Nothing from the past nor traumas can stop you, but the idea that it can then it will. This is coming from the emotion of anger to resentment. Release and be free by choosing to follow steps 1- 8

7. What do I do about the people in my life who are so negative? Be happy. Do this and they will follow from your evidence that this works.

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