You are meant to live a healthy and happy life

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I have been following Marilyn for about 7 years now and what I have discovered is that she is consistent and knowledgeable.

You will grow, you will learn, and you will get results. 

Virginia Bergman, Australia

Just had my first session and it was fantastic! She's a great mentor and teacher. I had discovered the answer to a question that I've been searching for a long time. Thank you so much, Marilyn Holzmann! 

Brandi Mejia, United States


It's just been great! I feel good! I swear I feel more like myself now than I  have in 4 years, and it shows in my dress up and make up, and I FEEL good. Thank you a million times, Marilyn.

Karina Burruel, United States

To those that are reading this, this coaching is unique. I am grateful every day for you... Thank you. Results: Well-being, I feel powerful and financial results. Anyone who reads this, do it. Just do it.

W. Williams, United Kingdom

 Here I am, a brand-new person, happier healthier, more confident & living a much more purposeful life as I now have direction. I can't thank Marilyn enough for all her guidance & mentoring.  Love you, Marilyn! 

Roshni Kaur, Dubai

" Marilyn came to me when I needed her teachings! But what was awesome is that she also guides you through. The value in this is Marilyn. Her heart goes into this. The teachings are love-based and resonate deeply with the true part of you. They are comforting and friendly. They’re helping me with a gentle shift in belief systems to new and constructive ways of thinking, that are more loving to myself. It’s all about self-love and radiating that out, self empowerment, and bending (creating!) your reality in ways you would never believe. And man, it works. I’m a beginner, and I’ve already seen positive shifts in myself and my experiences - people around me become kinder and more understanding, I’ve found money (I never do that!), shifts in outcomes that seem immovable, and I’ve been feeling happier and more confident. It’s exciting! And as I work through the material, life is slowly becoming easier. It’s simple, but integrating the material into your daily life is the work to be done, and the daily quotes keep you on track, as well as Marilyn’s gorgeous personality. Thank you, xx"

~Sara Rayner

"Let me start with a personal story. A few years ago when Loba ( pet love of my life) transitioned I went to an island close to my house for a week and during my walks, I kept on imagining a yellow dog. I mentioned it to my family, the recurrent image and that I really didn't want another dog at that time… to my amazement when I got home, a yellow dog was at my doorsteps. I cried, told it to go away! And the dog just slept outside my house, and every time I came out, she would run to me, and go belly up! You can see where this story is going 6 years later, Sunny is our other angel. While I felt sick this summer, she just stayed there by my side, wagging her tail and being the love that she is! And Voila lets jump and see the connection to Marilyn Holzmann! I have never thought of having a mentor, didn't look for one, and she just appeared to be out of an answer I read in a group ( that she mentioned was the only interaction she has ever had in that group) and I have been detached from the group but when I saw what she wrote, it ignited me, and I wrote to her, and openly she responded and I felt such a deep connection to what was being transmitted to me. Marilyn, before I started the mentorship program, was already helping me(mentoring)She in a few sentences, made me realize a paradigm shift, from needing to achieve to feel fulfilled versus, in her words there is nothing to prove ever!! You are more than enough.” And here is the quote that made all of this start The greatest work is to create new meanings about what life is for you and your loved ones such as your daughter will flow into that experience easily and effortlessly because that is our nature to flow in joy and give life a meaning that resonates with joy” Oh, My! I still get goosebumps when I read this. Her words are infused with so much love, with such wisdom. So I asked, without any research about her, with total conviction, will you mentor me? And I felt right away the path of freedom I was entering! Its been divine. Marilyn helped me on the first day when I was having an anxiety attack. I sent her a message and a few minutes later, I had an audio reply, mentoring me through it, how to perceive energy and how to see it in such a different way… in a week, (back and forth messages) I have shifted already, feeling excited, and perceiving that Marilyn’s teachings are bringing me home, that I am free and that I am a powerful creator, that nothing can harm me, as that’s just a disconnection from the freedom.  I honestly can say that I started this mentorship guided by a strong feeling that it was/is the right thing for me to do, and it has been so awesome! Marilyn is always present, she guides me in all possible ways. I feel her love, her truth, her presence in me! I am so grateful for this encounter! I had a session yesterday, in the early morning, felt bliss for the rest of the day... I was flowing with love and peace! There was/is a lot to grow/learn, so Marilyn’s presence is necessary to clarify! And she is a wonderful teacher, she senses/prompts you, guides you in a way that facilitates the grasping of the teachings...that is a sign of a great mentor! And she not only teaches you the lessons but can bring them alive to what is being addressed at the moment…its like co-creation.. Evolving with what shows up ! The relationship is based on true commitment and I can say that Marilyn is a god sent. Like she says “thank you for allowing me to be of service ” and that is how I perceive her, Marilyn is truly committed to being of service! She has a wonderful system(teachings -Clarity/Release/ Connection) in place that I have just started and feel there is much for me to learn and grow! Whatever I don't understand, I ask and Marilyn is there with love and kindness sharing examples, asking me questions, truly mentoring me. So, this is serious,( and fun) profound and life changing! The gift of Marilyn has entered my life! Thank you!"

~ Alexandra Luisa Bourne Franco 

"The Clarity Release Connection mentoring is both eye-opening and mind-blowing. I have learned so much about myself and am still learning. Marilyn has such a way of explaining things so that everyone understands. These teachings have lowered my anxiety and really given me the confidence to create my own life. Sensing energy is an amazing tool, to create and to open your mind to the amazing person that you are and the amazing life that surrounds you. The possibilities are endless!! I have learned so much and I feel like I have made a great friend in the process!" ~ Jill Brewer

"The way you explain things is amazing Marilyn. I now understand why it’s clarityreleaseconnection? It makes you so much clear. People like you are a gem to our planet. Keep growing in abundance, love & happiness."~ Disha Umang Bondia


"Where can I possibly begin to thank Marilyn? She has been so gracious enough to gift me with her knowledge, love and NO BS mentoring. I say GIFT because that's what she is! I am so lucky to have her as a mentor and as a friend. Results: She taught me I am free to be and I can have anything I desire. WOW!  Her teachings are so valuable because they improve my quality of life and I am eternally grateful. Everyone seems to have a better life and Marilyn is the saint willing to teach us how. That is truly priceless. Get the book CREATION FORMULA, it is simple, powerful and refreshing to know it isn't money driven. Love is freeing. No-one or No book has ever made me feel so alive and excited about my life! THANK YOU FOREVER MARILYN, I LOVE YOU!! YEAH, BUDDY!!" ~Alexandra Aponte


"After our session and learning your material, I realized that everything is incomplete. I own many books of all this positive law of attraction stuff and each one promises to show you how to create. The next one will get me there...the next one will get me there... This constant searching that I have been doing. And you were in front of me all the time. One I saw the book you wrote, I said holy s**t this girl has taken it to another level and had to buy your book and mentoring. But one thing all the prior information did was get me ready for you to take me to levels I didn't even know existed!!! To those that are reading this, this coaching is unique. I am grateful every day for you... Thank you!!! Results: Well-being, I feel powerful and financial results! Anyone who reads this, do it! Just do it!" ~W. Williams, United Kingdom


"I connected with Marilyn through my wife 3 years ago. It has been an amazing period and Marilyn has been such a great mentor and the creation formula just makes it so simple for everyone to understand and be able to create what he or she wants. There's the logic behind every concept in the book and what it really brings out is our true self where we realize what we are and want. It's an amazing book and I truly recommend to everyone who wants a book which is so simple to read but at the same time having a deep realization of what we can create. Knowing that we truly are the creators of our lives is the greatest freedom humanity will definitely benefit from. Thank you so much, Marilyn." ~ Amarpreet Singh Dhillon 


"I found Marilyn Holzmann a month ago I have been on a quest for years to find my true inner Essence. I had a session with her yesterday for several hours and this has totally transformed my life. Just one session and a veil were removed from my eyes. I am sharing a before picture and after taken this morning after my session yesterday afternoon. I will let you be the judge of the difference. Through her session, you will release traumas throughout your timeline. If you are ready to find your true Blueprint for life I highly recommend you begin the mentoring. Please understand I will not be answering any questions on this, this is a personal and different journey for each of us. Results: Just three months in and Full-time employment, fast easy divorce, a new place to live and how happy I am! Ask and it shall be given you, seek, and ye shall find knock and it shall be open to you. The kingdom of God is within you God bless each and every one of you. You see my before picture and my present one taken this morning. This is a complete transformation of every area!" Aleisha Yeamans Overstreet


"I had a session with Marilyn this morning and it was very powerful. We connected immediately, she revealed key pieces that explain why I've been facing some challenges with my business. She's straight to the point and has a great sense of humor! I highly recommend her."

~Ann Daley 


"Are you done with pain, confusion, being stuck? I'm telling ya, Marilyn brings something to the table I've not experienced with another Healer. I'm listening to my session for the 2nd time and more and more release is taking place. I paused it to write to you because of how excited I am. I just couldn't wait another sec to share with you. Results: When our session was complete, I could feel every cell in my body - wow right? I mean if we're going to heal this is where we should be. I'm at a point in the session that a realization hit me about the relationship I've got with my mother. It's not a new memory but a deep realization that I can now release. Marilyn has a way of combining truth with her gifts that elicit freedom. Wow. You helped me so much. More is coming up Marilyn, thank you for this experience!"

~ Schultz


"This morning I "met" with Marilyn through Skype. All I can say is "WOW" This lady is amazing. It was the first time talking to her and she "nailed" it. She was able to tell me EXACTLY what was going on with me that my life AND my health are in the place it is. She is true "Heaven Sent". She is 100% real and is not afraid to cut to the chase, albeit in a gentle and loving way, She was able to help me see where and why I am stopping myself from having the life I desire!!! We talked for an hour and she did not rush me. Results:  She gave me the time I NEEDED to help me start to get UNSTUCK and OUT OF MY OWN WAY!! After our talk - I felt a little sleepy and drained, but I rested for a short while and felt so energized. I am so looking forward to working with her -- I KNOW with her as my mentor, my life will become the life I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED because I have the tools and the answers within me to make it happen. Thank you, Marilyn, for sharing your wonderful gifts with so many. You, my Friend, are an ANGEL!!!!!!!!"

~ B. Denton, Arizona, USA


"Just had my first session with Ms. Marilyn about Creation Formula and it was fantastic! She's a great mentor and teacher. I had discovered the answer to a question that I've been searching for a long time. Thank you so much, Marilyn Holzmann! You're awesome!"

~ T. Cruz, California, USA


"Since working with Marilyn, I have received an offer to mentor with an awesome teacher, the author gives my feedback, opinions, and I am the first to learn and teach this information. To people everywhere, I am blessed. Have so much love. Results: Changed my relationship with my mother, my husband, my children. I was able to travel last minute to a trip with a sister with such a strong connection, with no means, surprise my daughter out of nowhere, when her appoint today did not respond, connect with her like never before share my joy and love for her and how wonderful we are and how she, and me and we are wonderful strong powerful artistic women. The energy was Amazing!!!! I will be leaving on a plane Saturday with no prior reservation and it will be the best least expensive trip. Holding on for the Ride !!!"

~ H. Velazquez, USA


"Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with Marilyn. I must say our session is what many would say “life-changing” and felt like coming home! I have been struggling all my life, trying to understand and figuring out, looking for answers, why prayers and things that I desire aren’t happening for me or are taking such a long time to unfold and if they did, there was always something missing… Results: Marilyn made me realize why and why not. The best thing is she made realize that I had it in me all along and I just need to harness it – Marilyn helped me and guided me through the whole process an made me understand (in simple layman’s words) how to do it, not just today and going forward! Marilyn is the “Teacher” and the “Angel” that is heaven sent! I feel great, I feel relieved, but most importantly I feel empowered to be and have all the best I could be – and the best thing is I am just getting started! She also gave all the tools so I don’t fall backward!  If you are looking for answers, formulas, solutions to find and be your Best Self and really want it– just do it! Reach out to Marilyn and Uwe! Marilyn, my heartfelt thanks and I am ready and now well-equipped to conquer the world, I look forward to having you and Uwe in my life, and friends for life! Love you, Cathy"

~ C. Mendoza, USA


"Was amazing I learned so much in such a short time. I am overjoyed with meeting and having a session with Marilyn. I encourage everyone to contact her. She is AWESOME !!! So many wonderful things to say about my session. So much love and many blessing Marilyn."

~ Katherine Champ, USA


"I was very nervous to do this. First, there is so much hype from so many coaches that it took me some time to make the decision. I have been watching Marilyn's YouTube channel and found to be different in her approach, so that moved me to subscribe. She has it! Her sessions, her teachings, her follow-ups are more than I ever imagined. Results: Found the job position I have been after, released weight and most of all have peace with my children. My self-esteem, my inner strength is where I wanted it to be, full of life, full of love and confidence like never before. If you are reading this, this is meant for you. You will obtain clarity and how on everything from money to relationships, to yourself."

~Luis Rodriguez, Puerto Rico
"Working with Marilyn was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! She really delivered on her promise of clarity and power and I got MUCH more than I expected. She has an incredible grasp of LOA and is able to communicate it crystal clear in the first session --- and not just the concept, but how to USE it. She puts her entire self so lovingly into her service. Results: While I was working with her, I had a large business deal I was working on and she was there every step of the way, with concrete suggestions and provided more support than I thought possible. She is a loving, generous, authentic, powerful and gifted person and I have gained so much love, clarity, and power by our connection. More Results: "I just wanted to share and appreciate this material! I began with participating in a program run by Marilyn last January and I have had three affirmations that I have absorbed since then. The first one is, "I acknowledge I am Creator and I respond and react to this knowing. I have to say that after a year of really breathing in and breathing out, I experience very little resistance to this and doors open so easily. My husband and I doubled our income in a year and I have a dream job with amazing people doing work I was born to do and – I still am a business owner! I experiment with energy and focus on my energy. I probably do 75% of the work I used to do. Things I want easily to me. Mostly, I am just alive and love myself, others and life with all my heart!"  

~Marian Johnson, United States
"It is rare to find someone who teaches and teaches until you fully understand it. Thank you. My life has shifted in such a way that I cannot describe it. I am so secure and feel so well. I love that I am who I am and that creating is what I was designed to do. Results: After four months in which was not easy because the teachings learning a new way to think but I got a great job offer, I stopped the alcohol drinking and now planning a vacation. Thank you, this is excellent training."

~Waltrad H, Germany
"Before I got this program I knew I needed to focus on changing the way I approach life, but I wasn't really sure how to go about it. There were so many techniques and I felt really overwhelmed. I searched and purchased other packages from different coaches and frankly, I was left on my own. One day, I found Marilyn's YouTube channel and I resonated with her teachings. I contacted her and immediately after our first session, my whole view on life changed. Her material is like no other. She just keeps bridging the gap between understanding so that you really create the life of your dreams. I love that she is a text away and takes the time to fully answer. Results: Found another job, high paying with full benefits a week after our session. Healed my relationship with my brother and his wife. I have found love for me again. My work is more fulfilling. I am less stressed and just have a sense of happiness and peace. I am so in anticipation of what is coming. Some of your material Marilyn I do need to go over, but I am fully in this. Thank you."  

~Jane Orecchia, United States

"I am in this for three months now and everything has changed. My work, my clients, my body and my marriage. Marilyn from the energy session to all the material that finally allows anyone to understand how we work and how to create is outstanding! I release already 8 lbs. have had an increase in clients and most of all I am happy. Thank you."  

~L. Michaels, Germany

"Hey, Marilyn! I don't even know where to begin. My energy release session with you was beyond this world! You helped me to open my eyes and see the true life I've been living (which I dreaded) was a direct relation to what I was feeling. Results: After my release, I got offered some amazing job opportunities! I just want to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get my life back. I no longer feel like a victim but a Victor! Every morning I wake-up I assign my label to my day! I do my sensing energy technique throughout the day and I feel like the creator I was meant to be... I'm in it to win it! More Results: My life is going in a great direction! The company I was interning for started shooting a feature today and they hired me as a PA. I have been really busy but I still make time for myself and sensing energy. Thank you for helping me get my life on track it's just been a little over a month and I'm seeing some amazing results."  

~Kira Zachery, United States

Results: "This weekend I got a notice from some classes I attended that were really expensive and I owed like $2000 dollars and they sent me a letter that they waived the balances and I owe $0. I've also been getting a lot of great money saving deals for groceries to quite a few things I got for my house. It's just been great! I feel good! I swear I feel more like myself now than I  have in 4 years and it shows in my dress up and make up and I FEEL good. Thank you a million times Marilyn!  

~K. Cristotomo, United States

"Hello everyone, just wanted you to know my first session with Marilyn was WOW right from the beginning. The energy you get from her is high. We connected right from the start. I felt her energy from the beginning and it felt great! I love her energy! She pinpointed problems I'm having with my health, she knew things that no one besides myself know and she channeled me so well that I felt I could trust her. I've been on this journey for a while and a lot of people aren't really out there. They just ask for your money and don't help you. I study people before I give up my money, but I tell you what I know now. Marilyn was the real thing when I first met her, I'd already followed her for a very long time and studied her. She is as real as they get. I wanted her as my teacher and I never had enough money to take her classes, but I followed her anyways, because she has other programs that help me that I took time to do and I manifested enough work doing what I like to do and enough money to afford her class. I'm so happy because the fact is that my life is about to change even more than it has done before and with her as my teacher I see things about myself that I don't normally see in myself. I can't explain it to you well enough. To work with Marilyn, her energy and the way you will feel are so amazing! She will make you want to have this feeling yourself. I did forget to tell you, with all the blockages I had, she cleared them out and started healing me and I felt her working on me. Results: After the healing session, I’ve slept for 6 hours the first day and the day after my body hurt, but I felt great! It’s releasing all that one wanted to release. The energies are intense, so make sure you drink lots of water to flush it out or it will make you a little sick. But as you heal, your energies climb and you will start feeling great. Things start changing and life will be great. One reason why I love my friend Marilyn is that she is a person who cares about everyone and she is not in it for the money. She is in it to make this world a better place and help many people. She teaches you to teach yourself, so become self-empowered and not dependent on anyone or anything outside of you anymore."  

~Amber Martinelli, United States

"Over the years I have had a number of coaches, mentors and spiritual teachers for the purpose of self-growth and in the continuation of building my business. Though many had been of help, Marilyn by far is the most incredible mentor I have ever had. She has been extraordinarily supportive, yet holding me accountable when I have lost focus, encouraging and very adaptable. What has impressed me is that Marilyn has amended her language and teaching methods to suit my way of learning, listening intently and working with me to help me move forward. I cannot recommend her services and books highly enough! Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Marilyn is her refreshing honesty and authenticity. I have never known a mentor to be so congruent and honest about her own journey. She continues to grow and evolve whilst teaching and supporting me. She walks her talk and doesn't just share her results, but her challenges too. I personally think that makes a world of difference as she can understand 1st hand my challenges and show me precise steps in handling them. Intuitive, perceptive, adaptable, result orientated and passionate is Marilyn. A fantastic mentor and if you are unable to hire her, then at the very least I strongly suggest you pick up one of her many books on Amazon. Marilyn, thank you for all that you have done and doing for me."  

~Rita Sedani, United Kingdom

"This book/manual, CREATION FORMULA, is a must-have, an excellent gift! It's my life manual. Marilyn teaches clarity about one's feelings, thoughts, how to assign emotions that are proven to change one's everyday life and formulas to help one change situations/life into a positive, rich and healthy one! I met Marilyn a year ago when she offered a Facebook Results & Empowerment Group. I followed her training and noticed results immediately. I recently contacted Marilyn for her Clarity, Release & Connection session. It was amazing! She is clear, transparent and follows through. She helped me release blockages in my happiness all around; my marriage, loving myself and others unconditionally and also in my prosperity. Results: I went from doubting myself, feeling unhealthy and unhappy with my marriage/job and not knowing "what's next" to framing my world, training my heart/mind to be one, falling in love with myself, eating/exercising healthy, enjoying my job, asking/receiving what I desire and, most importantly, being at peace with myself and all my relationships. I'm living in love, peace, and joy always! I'm forever grateful to Marilyn for this book/manual and for being a part of my everyday life via her training, follow up sessions and all her years of research/study materials."  

~Leticia Teruel, United States

"I had been aware of LOA for about 6-7 years and I had listened extensively to a lot of material from various teachers and I thought I had a pretty solid understanding of how it worked, but after my session with Marilyn, I realized that what I had previously thought about LOA was just scratching the surface, there was a lot I didn't fully understand about 'creating' my life. She has been an amazing source of knowledge, wisdom and loving support. And I'm very grateful to her for helping me move past my blockages. Results: Thank you so much, you don't know how much you have helped me change my life. When I think of the state I was in last year, after my break up, feeling like I wanted to end my life, being broke and broken-spirited, to where I am now - feeling in control, limitless, dreaming big dreams and manifesting things and people and resources, it's just amazing! And so much of that is thanks to your teachings. <3 I can't thank you enough. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about how much I have evolved from the person I used to be. I'm not entirely where I want to be, but I am so enjoying the journey getting there. I feel like a whole new person and it's all because of the angle you come at - self-empowerment. That is exactly what I needed. "  

~L. Sanowar, Trinidad

"The Energy session that I had with Marilyn this past month truly freed me. I had a lot of hang-ups about having more in my life. After the session with Marilyn: Results: I bought a car and freed myself from being at the mercy of others when it is time to go somewhere. Whether that was by car or bus.  I was so stuck when it came to buying that car. I felt like I could not afford it and that I wouldn't be able to make ends meet if I purchased it. Honestly, I am working no harder to maintain this car as I was working to maintain our lives without it. I'm still out the same amount of hours a day as I was when I had to ride the bus, only now I am still at work and making more income than I could have possibly made before. Also, my entire department got a very hefty raise in the last couple of weeks! It was something that had been in the works, but I knew nothing about it. Looks like another session will be coming soon! I also opened myself up to dating and creating a lover in my life. Still working on that one, but assure you that I have seen some progress with the way I used to feel about men. I still have some energy areas that are coming to clarity. I am taking it one day at a time. Everything began moving toward me so fast that I am having quite a time pacing everything out and organizing all that is coming to me and all that I will be able to do. Looking forward to getting it together for my next session. Marilyn is the real deal. She is very straightforward and calls it as she sees it. I feel her passion and love. I repeat. Marilyn is the real deal!" 
~Lauren Reliford, United States

"I don't remember how I ended up in Marilyn's Facebook group. I guess it was time for me to find the coach I was hoping for, that finally, the law of attraction guided me on her page. I felt that Marilyn could help me release my past because I used to feel stuck and not in control of my life, that friends and family were in control, using me for their needs! The more I was feeling that way, the worse the things that were happening in my life: My husband lost his business! The house got foreclosed, I was working full time for 15 years to keep a family of 3 girls together, ended up controlling their lives without knowing it was wrong! The family on my parents' side was holding on to me for money and support etc... you name it! I even got very sick big time. I practically almost died, then came Marilyn. Results: After the first session I spent the whole day heavy like a rock, stayed in bed crying all day. Oh, boy, did I CRY! And little by little, after each session, I started understanding what Marilyn was guiding me to do. At first, it felt weird because I was not used to standing up for my beliefs! Then, like a beam of light, I finally understood the meaning of BORN AGAIN. I act and react with a fresh baby mind now. I don't let THINGS OR PEOPLE tell me how to be happy. I just accept things the way they are and focus on Marilyn's teaching and ME "what does Nadine want?" YES, MARILYN IS really tough for sure, straight to the point, but I trusted her knowledge and said to myself "do as she instructed you to, it's the way past your EGO! I'm still going back and forth in the books! The more I read and listen to what she said, the better I understand. Now FREEDOM is my name. Marilyn, you are one of GOD chosen one to help people find their true self. Thank you for your continuous help via Whats-app and The Internet! Namasté."  

~Nadine Sassine, Haiti

"Marilyn is a no-nonsense coach with a system that is as practical as it is spiritual. This is no pie-in-the-sky "think and you will succeed," - she trains you to be disciplined in connecting with your inner spirit, being faithful to your vision, and being disciplined in taking the actions necessary to fulfill your vision. Her tools are really powerful, and they lead to results. Results: I had been seriously overworking for months (OK, to be honest, for my whole life) - until I "framed my world" of work 6 weeks ago, and ever since I have haven't worked more than 40 hours in a week - and that was not due to work circumstances but to using Marilyn's tools to create my vision and follow through on it. I highly recommend Marilyn as a coach."  

~Ann Band, United States
"Marilyn’s teaching and mentoring (the full package, including business coaching), combined with her energy release sessions have changed my life around completely! I had great dreams but did not know how to turn them into a reality. I thought I lacked skills, knowledge and capital in many areas of my life and always found some reason why one thing or another could not work, basically limiting and sabotaging myself in this way. I started doing energy release sessions and train with Marilyn. Results: Over the course of a year, my life has changed completely in so many areas. I am confident, determined, passionate about my work, my children and I share an even closer bond and deeper understanding with less quarreling going on in our home, and I have turned into a publisher, published eight of my own books, as well as contributing my poetry to Marilyn’s. To put it in a nutshell, I am on fire and things are becoming more and more wonderful and exciting by the day! I am not hiding my light any longer, I have let go of the feeling of never being good enough and I feel like I’m flying! I cannot begin to put into words what this all means to me! My business is taking off, my family life is happy and I have a sense of purpose and vision that even overrides any temporary feelings of daily moods. I have integrated the Creation Formula so much that in most cases, I am able to apply it quickly and effectively in any area of my life! My gratitude and appreciation knows no bounds for this priceless, invaluable gift! I can only recommend this training and Marilyn’s literature on the subjects to anyone. When you stay at it and do your work on a daily basis, committing yourself to it completely, then you will find a new YOU which you never knew existed! One that can move personal mountains! To whoever reads this, please, do not be discouraged. Do not stay in victim mode! This is your chance at happiness, personal fulfillment and helping humanity at large by being your authentic self, shining your light to encourage others to do the same! Let’s start the world’s most profound ripple effect NOW!" 

~Tirza Schaefer, Germany

"I have been taking personal training and development courses/training/coaching for over 10 years. Your coaching is the most powerful and effective one for me. Results: Here are the differences that it made for me: I now truly know that I have all of the power within and have the tool/formula to make my vision/dream happen. I understood this before but it felt more like an abstract concept. There is a disconnection between understanding it in my head and applying it to my life effectively. In the past, I relied on others' coaching a lot and didn't trust myself. There was a disconnection between my inner being and my mind. Now, I no longer relate to myself this way. I not only know I have everything I need within me, but also know how to bring that out to the world. I am self-sufficient now. What I love the most about your coaching is that you don't buy into my smallness and you don't tolerate me to be anything else but my essence. When I whine, you don't allow me to dwell on that. Your boldness and straightness has made a world of difference for me. I am finally relating to myself as a powerful, loving woman who is free to dream and to inspire others. Results: Your commitment to me living a life as I envision, to connecting to the power within and to seeing the beauty within is very inspiring. There was not a moment that I experienced that this was just your job. I feel your heart and your passion. Your coaching also allows everyone to shine."  

~Jean Lao, Taiwan
"I almost couldn't believe whatever I had to hear from Marilyn on our very first session. I was aghast at the new-found knowledge about myself, all the hidden limiting self-beliefs that are causing some misalignment in the body and blocking the success that is coming towards me. Results: Having done the session made me realized about how environment, society and even our loved ones have made us believe that we have no power at all within us and that life just happens contrary to the truth that We Are The Powerful Creator of Our Own Lives. I love how accurate Marilyn is and how much she's eager to help me expand and excel through life. What made her even more special is that she would daily check on how I am doing and that she is always ready to motivate. My days are becoming much more exciting now and I enjoy just being with myself. I am a much happier and more loving person now. My husband has been o impressed by seeing the changes in me that he has booked sessions with Marilyn, too. Not only has she all the patience and wisdom, she also made me believe that I can do it all myself without having the need to depend on others. I Love You So Much Marilyn and, yes, I highly recommend anyone reading this to open up yourself to receiving this brilliant help." More Results:  I just can't contain my happiness and sense of achievement!! Early in January I was feeling so low, depressed and hated myself. I felt a strong urge to contact Marilyn as I've been in the LOA results group and have learned about her, so I decided to take up sessions and created my vision statements, one of which was to achieve ideal body and voilá! Here I am, a brand new person, happier healthier, more confident and living a much more purposeful life as I now have direction. I'm loving my life and living it the best way possible. I enjoy spending time with my baby now (he's 1 now), something which I didn't do previously. I can't thank Marilyn enough for all her guidance and mentoring. She has always been there throughout and ever ready to answer my questions. I'm super-excited to allow life to unfold in the most magical way. Love ya, Marilyn! You're a blessing!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.   

~Roshni Kaur and Amarpreet Singh Dhillon, Dubai
"I have been following Marilyn for about 7 years now and what I have discovered is that she is consistent and knowledgeable. She continues to grow and she shares that growth through her books and videos. I too had been trying to do the law of attraction and a few things did come to me and I was very excited about it... But then nothing happened for a long time... I realized that I needed to have a mentor. Someone to keep in front of me and keep me going and informing me of what I am doing wrong and how to correct it!!! All I heard from others was what I was doing wrong..... But they never got to the point of what I should be doing!!! Results: I contacted Marilyn and engaged in her mentoring service. I had my first release session and all I can say is WOW!!! I cried I laughed, I pondered... And I found myself! I felt relief and light and enlightened all at the same time. We then did a verbal Creation Formula and I wrote it out later that night. The next day at work it started to happen. So the next night I added to my Creation Formula and amazing things started to happen!!!! The Creation Formula manual that Marilyn has written is THE most valuable tool I have! With Marilyn being my mentor I am greeted daily with recordings, videos, memos, and text messages! She is in my face and I love it! I need it!!! I am a Creator and with Marilyn's help I will continue to learn and I am now IN IT TO WIN IT!!!"

~ Jean Walker, United States

"I would like to offer a few words out of the many thousands I could utter on how much Marilyn Holzmann's coaching has helped me and is still helping me. I spent my whole (55 years) life blaming everything (bad and good) that happened to me on everything and everyone except myself. I come from a highly religious background and well, you know how that is...guilt and sin and blame are what life is all about, right? I am so thankful and grateful that I was open and ready for Marilyn's coaching and teachings. What a job she has had with me and it was touch and go there for a while, but, as she steadfastly taught her sessions and gave me time and then council and repeated what I just couldn't get sometimes (with the greatest sense of firmness as well as kindness, lot's of fun, and love). I am so grateful that she stuck with me and was able to see my openness and willingness to transform into the being we are all meant to be: WHOLE. She taught me that my life is truly mine, always, whether I liked what I saw come to me or not, I created it! She taught me how to let the past go and to look within myself to re-create the life that I want, that I, and only I, have that power. She has taught me that I can actually LOVE and appreciate ME! Sure, there are plenty of tools and toys and books and processes to play with, for our pleasure, but in the end, we have to learn to go within; learn to connect to our inner being and listen to the wisdom of our inner being, our guide, whom we have always had. In the end, we can worship and follow only ourselves. We are the one; we are the all, all connected. Results: Able to create at will. What a miracle this has been to come to realize that we can control what we create. I have been able to look at myself in the mirror and say "I love you" and mean it. I have rediscovered what pleasure is and that it is not only for fun but necessary for a good life itself! It has taught me that a business I had many years ago and let go is something I have desperately been wanting to do again and as I allow, more and more is coming to me. I can once more say that I am a stained glass business owner with great pride and pleasure! Marilyn's great words and voice and singing has been life-altering for me, an awakening that I am so grateful to have experienced in this lifetime. I know I will take what I have learned here now with me into eternity. With all my love and deepest thanks!"  

~Jay & Susan Pfeiffer Selva, United States

"I had my session with Marilyn and all I can say is "WOW!" She opened up my eyes and my heart to sooo many things in my life. She opens up these doors inside of you that have been shut for so long and helps you bring in that fresh air that you need so badly with her love and song. It was a very emotional experience.  She truly wants to help you achieve greatness and will provide you with the tools you need to get there, but you have to be willing to put in the work. She is amazing! I would recommend to anyone that they get a session with her as soon as possible." This session was on May 13, 2014. Results:  Marilyn and I kept in touch and she was telling me about the endeavors she was embarking upon. I joined her groups, read what she shared, supported her in any way that I could. The things she was doing was great! She told me about her website and the material she had on it. I was all over it. Then I see she had a special going on for Level 1 of clarity, release, and connection.  I decided I was going to try it for myself and support my best friend at the same time. I bought the package and then waited. Marilyn kept contacting me to set up our first appointment and I kept pushing it off. It was hard to find the time when I wasn’t working because I was working two full-time jobs and I was working seven days a week. Then I was also trying to find a time when Mark wasn’t home. Finally, we set an appointment. May 13, 2014. May 13, 2014 I had an emotional session with Marilyn. Between being informed on certain things in life that were keeping me confined, facing issues and fears, releasing, crying, hearing messages that were meant for me, listening to what I had to do, crying some more…I was EXHAUSTED! After taking a nap I started thinking about my life and what I wanted to change. At this point, I was tired of working 70 hours a week between two jobs, tired of not having a day off, tired of working where I was at the time. And on top of being tired of everything, I was planning my wedding which was set for November 2nd. I had a lot on my plate!  Now every June for the past few years, I have been going to a fairy festival in upstate NY with some friends and family. The previous year my cousin went and I stayed at her house overnight in Manhattan (because I live in Brooklyn) and it was just easier to get the car rental and pick up everyone. That year (2014) she decided not to go. Since we had fewer people this year I asked my dad if I could borrow his station wagon for the trip. He said yes, so I canceled the car rental and went to the Bronx to spend the night on June 28, 2014, so I would have the car in the morning.  When I get to my parents' house, my mother tells me I have mail. I noticed one of the envelopes is from NYS Court Administration. I yelled out “when did this come in?” My mom said it’s been there for a little bit but she thought it had something to do with my current job since I worked for traffic court. I ripped open the envelope like a crazy person and read the letter. As I read the letter, my hands started to shake and when I finally spoke, my voice was shaking as well. I asked my parents if they remembered the civil service test I took in 2009 for New York State Court Officer and they said yes. I told them the letter was asking if I was still interested and I had to reply by July 3, 2014. I couldn’t believe it. What were the chances? If my cousin had gone to the festival, I would have stayed at her house and never went to my parents’ house and seen the letter. By the time I would have gotten the letter, it would have been too late. Also, I had to give a big THANK YOU to Marilyn. Between having that session with Marilyn, releasing and letting go of things that were not beneficial to me, believing that I am me, I became a different person. I became this stronger woman who knew what she wanted and went for it. Towards the end of the academy, I even did Mudderella and the Spartan race which were both 5K’s that also had obstacles. I did the academy and finished both races which made me feel stronger and empowered.
Married the love of her life.
New career, higher pay and fewer hours of work.
May 26, 2015 Graduation New York State Court Officer.
I even did Mudderella and the Spartan race which were both 5K’s.
~Jocelyn & Mark Fasano, United States

"By applying what I learned via all the material, courses, books, videos and exercises you shared/endorsed. Results: I am currently loving life... I am enjoying living a stress-free, every day normal I am living in a new State that closely resembles where I grew up in NJ and PA without any of the family drama and judgment. I have a part-time job where I get paid to do what I was doing anyway and it is not physically hard, nor is my hearing an issue. I have a cute apartment that is easily affordable and has woods filled with critters we missed. My daughter is attending one of the top high schools in the USA. While to anyone else my life may appear to be "ordinary," it is far from that! It is happy, peaceful, stress-free and a true manifestation of what we truly desired. I am now ready for the next level, to identify new dreams/goals and then creating them! So yes, I would love access to the levels of training."  
Results: "I now running my business which is doing amazing, own my car and so many wonderful things are happening."

~Erin Koczur, United States

"Losing weight was one thing I reached to LOA to help me with. Sure, anyone can do it, but I am 47, short, busy, and well, I didn't have the discipline.... I needed to lose SO MUCH weight... I LISTENED to Marilyn Holzmann and read what she had to say.. I TOOK IT TO HEART (and head)... Self-discipline. Results: I was toooooo busy for it. I am always good for a few weeks... then POOF.. life happens... and my discipline is out the door, the will power... Not even running long distances helped. my original goal loses 10 pounds. 80+ pounds down later with a clear vision of what I wanted... and her little voice of "hello awesome ones," I know if it was not for friends and LOA (especially Marilyn Holzmann.... because she is such a positive person for our own good), I am not so sure I would have been in a better place ... if your desire is health, fitness, happiness, listen up to Marilyn."  

~Robin Canell, United States
"I'm not sure if I can put into words the amazing work that I have experienced with Marilyn. I feel a freedom that I didn't know was possible, a happiness and a vibration that is through the roof!!! While releasing the energies that were not serving me, I feel that I have entered a whole new understanding of the power I have to create the life I desire. Manifestations are coming fast but more importantly the feeling I have now walked through this life experience is of fun, excitement, passion and knowledge. It has been a thrilling experience to tap into this true knowledge of who I am and I feel as though Marilyn opened the whole door for me, all the while being lovingly supported in an incredible way. I would highly recommend working with Marilyn if you are ready to release and create the clarity and connection you were born for. Results: After Level two, Since I started working with Marilyn Holzmann and really got serious about DOING the work my life has changed, I have changed and my family has changed for the amazing. I am in awe of the incredible life that I am now creating. I did not know that I could create so much happiness, passion and have such a clear knowledge of the joy that I am. I have visions of my dreams now that feel like reality. I have beautiful, completely drama-free relationships with my four daughters, my marriage which has always been good, just went to a whole new level of joy and excitement. I have released weight and finally love my body and the foods that I eat are filled with nourishment and love for myself. I am in tears writing this because I know that I am the one who did this. Marilyn came into my life because of me, I am changing my life because of connecting with who I really am, my family life is changing because I am giving them all permission and empowerment to be who they really are and Marilyn has shown me the way to who I am. She was the key that helped me unlock the true potential of all that I am."  

~Suzy Golden Duffy, United States

"Marilyn, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Working with you over these last few days is just what I needed to get me to the next level. I am a student of Abraham and have been studying the LOA for several years but working with you in just a few days has helped me immensely. The information and ENERGY that you shared with me has given me peace and comfort. The value that you have provided to me and my wife is beyond words. The follow-up emails, tools and the notes that I took while listening to you on our calls continues to serve me every single day. One of the best parts of my whole experience is connecting with my new Sister. We are family, Marilyn, and I love you!!!"  

~Michael Duffy, United States
"During life, we have phases where we think "what is the use" of doing something different.  Well, if you do the same thing, you can't expect different results. I have been going through a couple of years of growth and I found that I was being very hard on myself. Thinking that I wasn't getting anywhere and maybe I needed to just "settle down" at sixty and accept what is!  However, I've had this feeling of there being more for me in my life, especially over the last three years. Even if you think you’re not looking, the “teacher” appears. At the beginning of 2014, Marilyn Holzmann was sharing more of what she was doing with a Closed Facebook Group that I was associated with for the last couple of years. Yes, I've listened to youtube on this and that, however, having an energy exchange makes you more accountable to put the work in on yourself. Results: The first couple of coaching sessions with Marilyn was confirmation for me that I was doing it correctly and that she definitely was on the same "path" as myself. A few more coaching sessions later and I noticed that she was challenging me (in a nice way), which enabled me to remove limiting labels quickly. This is where I needed to be at the present moment. What a wonderful way to love yourself and that is to be the best you can be each day.  After the coaching sessions, I feel very light and much more expanded and connected with my Inner Goddess. It is such a beautiful feeling flowing throughout and as I heard someone say, it is “liquid love”. I’m in the process of setting up my  website where I will inspire people to live in the “now,” reclaim their happiness and to appreciate what they have in their lives and how they can share the same message."  

~Virginia Bergman, Australia
"Marilyn is an angel of love and light. She can pull you right into the love the Universe has for you. All you have to do is embrace the light and follow the way. In her, you will definitely find inspiration and a friend, but most of all, a very bright, soothing light. And when you see and feel that, you will be convinced anything is possible. As for the energy, I don’t know how she does it, but she has such a calming and joyful presence that my just loving and I can feel it from far away, deep inside my heart, my energy. You just have to trust her and release yourself into the hands of joy.  Marilyn will show you the way. And, in all fairness, thank you just isn’t enough for the work Marilyn is doing. I wish I could give her the world. But I think she already has it. So all I can show her is love. May this love bless all your paths!"  

~Liz Madsen, France
"Morning Marilyn, I am not completely up yet, it's not even 6 am here yet, lol! But I feel wonderful. I am really paying attention to my feelings. Money even flowed to my hand last night. Things are getting better every day, can't thank you enough, love you, hugs. Results: I have to tell you I was so excited last night, it brought tears to my eyes. I had a healing in my chest. This illness I had was moving up my body. The other day I felt something clear out of my chest. Then last night I could breathe freely like I used to. I could almost not get the words out to tell my husband. Gratitude is flowing."  

~Candy Brant, Canada

"I can honestly say, a session with Marilyn is at the very least like a spa for the emotional body, as well as the physical. Results: My BP went down to about 119/79 and below after my session with her and I stopped drinking coffee cold turkey. Until now after more than 10 days, I don't have any craving whatsoever to drink coffee. I drank at least 3 big cups prior to that. It means I am skipping at least 6 teaspoons of sugar a day. And she does more than that. Find it out, for every experience is different. The insights that she imparts, although these ideas are around for a long time, but she is able to impart it in such a way that it has a huge potential to revolutionize the human existence on the planet. She is an inspiration for your personal transformation."  

~Shiela Zangl, Germany

"I was honestly just playing. I started asking her questions and all of a sudden, I felt very dizzy. Rushing energies were coming through to the point I had to tell her I'll be back.  Later, after a few minutes, I realized this is not a joke. I asked her to continue and she channeled my cousin who died at age 16, something impossible for her to know. I understood so much and wow is all I can say. This is real. I don't know what else to say, still figuring out all this. Thanks, Marilyn, God bless you. Results: Everything makes sense to me. I feel better and maybe I'll try to stop smoking.  February 6, 2014. Results: I had another session and this time, I really got it. I started my own business and just feel more love to me. Thanks, Marilyn. Thanks for checking on me, I do not respond much but I read what you send me and it helps."  

~Wolfgang Girschke, Netherlands

"Thank you for our session last night, I sat up so late listening to all the information. I woke and did some mediation, tapped into my source and did my affirmations for the morning. I was still feeling quite deflated and overwhelmed but spoke gently to myself from the mornings' affirmations, 'You can do this, I am here cheering you on, you are amazing, you are created from love and light. Breathe, let go and trust, I love you.' Results: And here we are, not even 9 am and my husband rings to say he heard from our accountant. We are getting a very unexpected at $8700. Then, one of our parents says to me, 'What have you done to yourself? You look great, you have a new look.' And I received an email from a Reiki practitioner who lives here in Hanoi about catching up and getting involved in some groups.  One of the things I have really missed being in Hanoi is my Reiki community. I sit here, laughing because this is not new 'god' always answers me when I ask. But yet, I continue to be stubborn and try and do it on my own. Thank  you and much love."  

~Sally Melville, Vietnam

Marilyn Holzmann guided me through a process of clearing blockages from my past. Within minutes through strategic questioning, I was in touch with deep blockages. Marilyn guided me to release, regularly ensuring I was ok to continue and supported me throughout. The first process of its kind I have experienced, it was a 'heavy' at times but all in all a pleasantly enlightening one. ~Westley Byfield,  United Kingdom
"I have been doing energy work with Marilyn off and on for about a year now. She is genuine, caring, sweet and compassionate, going at your pace and loving you just where you are. She knows that all the power is in YOU and helps you tap into it easily. If you are struggling in any area of your life, whether it be relationships, work or family, contact her!!!!"

~ Angelique Mechel, California 
"Today I had the most amazing healing of my life with Marilyn  She found blockages I had since I was 6 years old and helped me release them.The energy I feel through my body is so amazing. I feel like I fly I'm happier and light. I know that this healing gonna help me manifest my desires now. Thank you, Marilyn, so much  You are an Angel  If you want to remove blockages and manifest your desires buy a session NOW. Thank You Angel Marilyn." 

~Haris Kavalla,  Greece 
"Marilyn is an angel of love and light. She can pull you right into the love the Universe has for you. All you have to do is embrace the light and follow the way. In her, you will definitely find inspiration and a friend, but most of all a very bright, soothing light. And when you will see and feel that,  you will be convinced anything is possible. As for the energy, I don’t know how she does it, but she has such a calming and joyful presence that my just loving and I can feel it from far away, deep inside my heart, my energy.  You just have to trust her and release yourself in the hands of joy. Sometimes we insist on embracing limits, but deep inside we know it is actually joy that we want to embrace. That is why we seek a light worker. Because we’re tired of telling ourselves the same stories.  We know there’s more to life. Perhaps we felt it once or twice or maybe even more. I was looking for peace and love when I met Marilyn on LOA results and I could sense her wonderful energy right away. She has this intoxicating joy that is as real as it gets. I was just drawn to her and asked her to guide me when I didn’t even know she was a lightworker. I just felt in my heart that if anyone can soothe, guide and help me, it is definitely her. She made me see the world with a child’s eyes, without fear, with joy… She’s shown me the way and when she did I could feel this immense, unconditional love. A love that engulfs anything you could possibly think of, ever. Consider what you think unconditional love is and multiply that by, I don’t know… 1000 or more? There’s only one request for that, in my opinion. You have to accept it. We have many limiting stories about how life is supposed to be. But when you feel that unconditional, selfless love, you will not understand how we could ever believe in a force that wants us harmed. There may be a voice inside you that will insist for you to stay in your limiting story, but there will also be another voice that will say: “Are you kidding? When I know that sort of love is within me and surrounding and embracing me when I know I can have it all the time… Why would I stay in a place of sadness?”You just have to fully embrace the second voice and give into it, just like you give into the first one. What do you prefer? Someone who loves you or someone who torments you? The choice is yours. Marilyn will show you the way. And, in all fairness, thank you just isn’t enough for the work Marilyn is doing. I wish I could give her the world. But I think she already has it. So all I can show her is love. May this love bless all your paths !"

~Liz Madsen, Romania 

"To have a channeling session with Marilyn is a gift - a divine offering of information that will help heal, ground and wrap you in love. Marilyn has helped me identify and clarify several issues regarding my animals and was intuitive and caring in words and heart. Her sense of appreciation for her gifts as a channeller shine in her readings. Clarity and insight were a result of my session with Marilyn and from it, much information has assisted me in identifying behaviors and feelings. I felt connected to my animals through Marilyn and she has enabled me to trust my intuition with her guidance. Loving, kind and genuine are perfect words to describe her presence! Thank you, Marilyn, for being You!!! Much love and success in this life's journey."

~Cheryl Baker, United States

" I think whoever gets help from Marilyn is truly blessed!  I find myself very fortunate to have encountered her.  I felt her kindness, positive energy, wisdom, and accuracy to be beyond great!  Her work is genuinely amazing!  I asked her about my relationship and promptly she told me, there r perfumes and he likes the way I smell!- and yes true and yes he bought me the perfumes!  Wow! And Marilyn is my law of attraction guru!"
~Melody Obed, Beverly Hills California USA

"Marilyn channels / communicates nonphysical energy, nonphysical consciousness for real! Being pragmatic and scientific myself I was very surprised when Marilyn delivered me information from my nonphysical, unborn sister. The accuracy and value of the channeled message was so great that currently I just know without the shadow of a doubt that it is a real, trustworthy process. Thanks to that very specific information my family has been healed from a life long trauma. We are a complete, happy, loving family now. I and my parents can't even find words to express our gratitude and appreciation for what Marilyn did for us. Knowing that she is a loving and honest person I would definitely recommend her services to anyone. Only remember that she is not that "ethereal hippy" kind of girl, she is a truly connected spiritual person but with a badass attitude!

~ Mike B., Poland

“I’ve known Marilyn for over 12 years. I met her in a church where she started her singing career. She is a woman who is gifted with an amazing voice. Her dedication and commitment to her singing career are excellent, and she has progressed from a beginning singer to a mature vocalist in the past few years. She has a great ear for languages and is proficient in English Spanish and German. Marilyn is a creative, talented performer, and, especially, a loving person. She uses her gift of music to uplift and empowers her listeners. I count myself fortunate to call her a professional association, and even luckier to call her my friend.” 

~ Letty P. New York

“Marilyn has an exceptional way of speaking to you in a way that you finally understand how to create and why it works. Everything changed in my life, finances, marriage, and just my outlook on life. She is there for you consistently. Any question that I had she was willing to answer and uplift me. Her material is the best.”

~Valentina S. California

"Marilyn was intense. I could feel the energies strongly. I did not give any details and she tapped into some really personal things.  I love and appreciate her. Thanks, Marilyn."

~Jackie S. Germany