Meditate & Consider Uplifting Thoughts

Today is a welcoming of the imagination in which we all possessed. Actually our imagination is our creative ability. It is the way we can see how far certain thoughts take us. Do not mistake fantasy with imagination. Fantasy is more like watching a movie and not really initiating that it is you, you are just watching a story unfold. With Fantasies psychologists have mentioned it is healthy because as long as it uplifts your mood then it is helping many with their self-esteem Now imagination, you are involved, you are the leading actor. Imagination was used to build planes, cars, and everything we are currently enjoying. However, imagination can also lead to mastering anxiety and problems. How many times you have been able to dissect a problem and determine how bad it will end? Let us not use imagination our creative force for re-creating situations that in actually is miss-use of God-Source Energy and it is self-hate abuse. Contemplate today on your imagination and start exploring good things to come to you. Start with something small and work your way into other areas of your life. You can do this! 

This beautiful weekend is a great time to have a reminder of YOUR creative power. This is a powerful instrument of peace but can also be chaos in the mind. This instrument given to us is THOUGHT.  Thought is the instrument of the creative power of Mind and is the cause of word and action. To think is proof that I am. I am, therefore I think. There cannot be a thought without a thinker. Since thought is used as the basis on which to form conclusions, and conclusions to form words and shape our behaviors, it is evident that our thoughts and affirmations must be at one with.

God- Source Energy and all attributes, no matter what appearances may indicate. Take a moment and just notice how powerful, how loving, how amazing this Universe is and you are part of it. Yes, you are part of it! You are!  May your thoughts be the instrument of love which liberates, a joy which welcome your desires, and peace which is to agree how magnificent you are. Please check all the goodies here to uplift your mind to all the limitless potential available to you right now!

Ever wonder what can make life much easier? How about finally trying out taking an emotional journey instead of a physical journey. What is the difference? Well, the emotional journey is really a spiritual journey. you are able to direct your life based on a theme. What this does it brings to you positive thoughts and with positive thoughts turn always into beliefs and beliefs turn into your attitude. Attitude shift brings your mood up and you see the world with a new lense of love, peace, and joy. A physical journey is more intellectual.


No matter how much you analyze things, you end up in an endless battle of trying to fix facts and evidence. It becomes exhausting and as we all know you just give up trying. Today go for the emotional journey explained in the ENERGY tab. Begin today, right now to ride a positive emotion theme and see how different you feel. You will notice not only uplifted but thinking better about everything and everything changing to your chosen emotion. WoooHOoo!!!

What you believe with your full thoughts and feeling (total interest) will happen in your experience. Note that it requires your full thought and accompanying feeling to accomplish the belief. I use to think that it was my duty to solve other's problems. I thought that we all had to carry each other to make it. Ha! Ha! Guess what? Nothing ever got resolved and I was drained. I invite you today to notice what you believe. What you believe you formulated based on what you have been observing.


Start today to observe God-Universe. If you need inspiration go take a walk in nature. You know deep in your heart that it is better to observe God-Universe and form an opinion based on love, peace, and joy than to forcefully try to fix it all. When you do change your believing from doing to being in God-Universe you will feel energized and accomplished. You can do it!

Everything is Energy. When you have those negative thoughts you are using that energy and that energy has to by law because it is its function and nature to proceed and move at a speed where you see it as a situation, as an experience. Think about that today, how much you are using this powerful energy for more chaos than for harmony. 


Many men and women understood this and were more deliberate in how they used this energy. What or who is this energy? Well, some call it God, others have understood it as Universe or Source Energy.  Be transparent with yourself at this very moment. Is what you are thinking, misusing God this energy? Are you taking God's name or the Universe in vain by so much attention to what is missing or just wrong?  Uplift your thoughts to match God-Universe and pay attention to what is good, use the energy for good, which is really the reason we are here.

Maybe today the trees, the birds, something will awaken you to take the first steps to meet God-Source Energy. Oh, so many distractions occupy your time to not really meet God. Guess what? You cannot hide, nor run from meeting God-Source Energy. The reason is, you are the temple, the house, the body, the manifestation of God-Source. 


Take a moment and forgive. Give yourself the purpose the only goal you have and that is to bring the awareness of God in all that you think, do, and say. 


Practice the presence of God within.

We should never feel that we are too busy to take time for meditation and prayer. When we cannot, it is because we do not understand the truth of such practices. All practices are the way we memorize our position enjoying God in that desire. Enjoying Source Energy as that formation with us experiencing it.

Reflect on what is good and that will unfold in all areas of your life.


Life is how you exist

The word life is how you animate and display your existence. You exist only in your mind. What you entertain in your mind is how you appear. If you are in a positive creative state, then you appear in love and in return love greets you back with endless opportunities.

Reality are the facts and evidences that existed previously in the mind. What is existing in your mind at this very moment? You are being invited right now to explore wellbeing and how does that picture look like and feel. For sure, this exploration will be your upcoming reality.


You are here because you are prepared.

The word separate means to be set apart, ready, and prepared. Therefore, being separate from God-Source Energy is not about being born into sin, unworthiness, a mistake or thrown out. It is that you were prepared, fully equipped to produce, create, and have all the authority to develop whatever is to your liking.


We are the individual expression, not dumped trash having to prove we are worthy.


You play acting roles

The word self originates from the word person. Person means the mask or another way to say is the character, your acting role. When we tell anyone to be themselves, we are requesting the person to play a better role. We are only the "I am" image, imitation of God-Source Energy.


How we express it, is through the self-personality-character we practice in our thoughts which translates into our beliefs, opinions, interest, and habits.


Weight lifting problem is the disease.

Our consciousness is designed to be open, drawing ideas from one source and expressing what we have received. Carrying our problems is not consciousness it is ignorance of our power.

Consciousness is your awareness, and whatever you aware of is your opinion about God-Source Energy-Universe. easily begin to seek what is wellbeing in all situations and watch how you draw more positive beliefs about whatever you are going through.

Revolutionary Thinking

Become the most important element.

When the mind waits consciously in the presence of thinking better it is uniting itself with infinite intelligence. This is what we call revolutionary thinking. You treat yourself as the most important point or element in your personal life.

We often think revolutionary is linked to a battle or challenges but it is not. It is you becoming the most important point in your life. When you do, you will be of greater service and inspiration to all those who daily interact with you. You are important and make it a point to love yourself above all.


Now is a new look.

The word now actually means new. To be in the now is an invitation to choose a new perspective, a fresh new idea regarding each moment you are in. This helps you be in the inspiration zone, in ways to expand joy in all areas.


Remember be in the now means look at all in your life with a new set of eyes and watch how all things are possible.


It must be your willing that allows it

The willingness to be whole, to be good, to be happy is what allows things to line up with that creation. We think that willingness is to start doing, but usually, it is to compensate for the lack of trust we have about things working out for us. Be willing to support your decision to be happy.


Willing means that you will arrange your thoughts in alignment with this that feels right for you.


Liberty is loving yourself

The word love originates from the word liberty. Love liberates and never binds us. When we use the word love in any way from a person to a thing we are liberating ourselves. When we feel trapped, conditioned and do this to others, we are in self-hate.

Awaken to true self love and this is liberate yourself from thinking that you are doing something wrong. Use everything as a direction to become more free. 


You were born a genius

The degrees of your intelligence is dependent upon the degree to which you develop your current situations. Repeating what is wrong is a misuse of your intelligence. Stating what you prefer is expressing further your intelligence; which exposes the genius that you are.

What is intelligence? Intelligence is discerning, appreciation in every moment. Being intelligent is discerning what is good for you and move your attention from what is not good for you. Appreciative is valuing the good that you have chosen to focus on. 


Feeling is your interest

The word feel means interest. Behaviors are reaction which we learned through culture, society, and caregivers. Behaviors such as sadness, to enthusiasm, does not mean we feel it, or are interested in it. To feel is you are devoted, focused and taken time to study it.


Anything you focus on for a period of time whether it is good or not, you feel it because it is your interest. Once you are interested in it you feel it because you have become it.


You cannot block energy you only direct it

You cannot block energy for all is energy. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Energy can only be directed and it is done through your focus. Focusing is part of your feeling nature. Therefore, the fastest way to shift, or change anything is by softly focusing, paying attention to what you prefer.


Energy is being directed and the more focus, the faster the rate of your desire to appear.